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Democratic National Committee Uses Mass Murder to Fundraise

I mean, can you imagine if the Trump campaign, or the Republicans, did this?

Imagine Mika and Joe’s faces the next morning.

H/T Washington Examiner.

5 Responses to Democratic National Committee Uses Mass Murder to Fundraise

  1. They’re also calling for violence against Mitch McConnell and “doxing” Trump donors…specifically, a member of Congress (Joaquin Castro) publicly providing their names and places of employment.

    At this point, it’s the Dems and MSM who are spewing hateful rhetoric and inciting violence.

    • And arguably breaking the law.

      See, for example, the federal stalking law, and pay attention to paragraph (2).

      With 44 names at 5 years per count, Castro ought to be staring down a couple of centuries in federal prison.

      It would certainly deter such conduct in the future, and would at least tap the brakes on the two-tiered justice system.

      And Texas no doubt has its own computer crime laws, which might be in play in that case.

    • Little Joe has forgotten what happened in Florida years ago when he was in Government. I haven’t;) How does one live knowing that? Oh – I remember the left has no qualms or conscience about breaking any laws. You or I would feel guilty not paying a speeding ticket on time;)