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Democratic National Committee Uses Mass Murder to Fundraise

I mean, can you imagine if the Trump campaign, or the Republicans, did this?

Imagine Mika and Joe’s faces the next morning.

H/T Washington Examiner.

5 thoughts on “Democratic National Committee Uses Mass Murder to Fundraise”

  1. They’re also calling for violence against Mitch McConnell and “doxing” Trump donors…specifically, a member of Congress (Joaquin Castro) publicly providing their names and places of employment.

    At this point, it’s the Dems and MSM who are spewing hateful rhetoric and inciting violence.

    1. And arguably breaking the law.

      See, for example, the federal stalking law, and pay attention to paragraph (2).

      With 44 names at 5 years per count, Castro ought to be staring down a couple of centuries in federal prison.

      It would certainly deter such conduct in the future, and would at least tap the brakes on the two-tiered justice system.

      And Texas no doubt has its own computer crime laws, which might be in play in that case.

    1. Little Joe has forgotten what happened in Florida years ago when he was in Government. I haven’t;) How does one live knowing that? Oh – I remember the left has no qualms or conscience about breaking any laws. You or I would feel guilty not paying a speeding ticket on time;)

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