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Trump Goes After Violent Video Games

As far as I can tell, at least some of the guys who have committed these killings have also heavily indulged in violent video games. I’m willing to bet all of them have.

With these games proliferating and “PG-13” basically replacing “R” ratings, allowing more kids into egregiously violent movies, I think Hollywood and the gaming industry need to take a look at their own responsibility for what’s going on.

You know, some of the same people who were abusing women in their industry or looking the other way while it was going on.

Trump said during remarks today at the White House:

We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately.

The number of guns in this country has not changed since the incidence of mass shootings began to increase during the Obama administration.

But other aspects of our culture have changed, including this scourge of highly realistic games that inure children to violence and — more specifically — to committing violence.

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  1. I am watching CNN right now. They interviewed Cory Booker. He blamed Trump, of course. According to him Trump is failing to be a leader. CNN is blaming all of this on white supremacy. The Left has never criticized the Antifa movement. It was reported the Ohio shooter was on the left and a believer of socialism.

    I want to know more about these shooters’ families and classmates.

    I got my values from around the family dinner table. The current generation is getting part of their values from the video games.

    1. To my surprise CNN ran a Republican Congressional Campaign Committee political commercial. It was very opposed to the Democrats. Called the Dems thieves.

    2. Good Luck getting CNN, MSNBC, biased MSM etc. doing any REAL “journalistic research” into shooter family & classmates… it all ‘blame Trump-Republicans-Whites-legal guns etc.’

      I also dont trust comments from the “classmates”…they will all be emotional and sad he did it…But I remember being one of the ‘not cool kids/girls didn’t like me/nerd’guys, and no offense alot of my classmates were a%&-holes to me and could care less who I was or what I did

  2. Video games? That’s chicken feed.

    Go check out the line at movie theaters when the next “John Wick” movie opens with Keanu Reeves. Or the next Bruce Willlis, or Cruise, or Costner,…you name it.
    Every single bleeding heart liberal actor, tweeting tears about the ferocious massacres over the weekend, is doing so, sitting by the pool that his violent bloody gun battles on screen paid for.

    We’ve all paid money to see it. We’re all responsible for the atmosphere of the artistically done gun battle on the big screen… for decades.
    We’re hypnotized by it. From Jason Bourne to The Magnificient Seven. Death by a thousand different rifles, shotguns, pistols, you name it, it’s been filmed.

    Now were ‘effing surprised it’s come back to bite us in the ass from young impressionable weak minded twenty-somethings?

    Yo..grow the f@ck up and take a look at what we’ve done. It’s nobody. It’ll of us.

  3. The disreality of 100+ years of still & motion imagery has falsified the present world into misreality. And the solution itself is the ongoing theme to be rejected in all of it.

  4. The hypocrisy is incredible. Just read comment from Washington governor and Joe Scarborough. Talk about not turning the rhetoric down. My husband and I talked about all of this. We are not advocates of censorship but there’s a reason there are so many angry young men. We suspect it is drugs, too many violent video games, addiction to the internet, lack of healthy group and/or family relationships, seclusion, acceptance of very violent movies (there does seem to be a flurry of them), etc. so much darkness and it has been going on for a long time but I think exploding social media is also a major contributor. I read another comment somewhere about it not being okay to criticize violence in Chicago and Baltimore etc. it is all the root of evil and hatred. No one is immune from being a willing participant in this onslaught. To all you who want to blame one person, quit thinking you are holier then though as you continue to call the president a white supremist, comparing him to hitler etc and accusing him all of his supporters as being racists. Shame on you.

  5. Cain and Abel.
    Humans have been killing each other for whatever particular reason appeals to them. Guns, poison, ropes, knives, forks, cars, cliffs, drowning, rocks, sticks, arrows, hatchets, bombs, fire, etc etc., any thing will do.
    Video games? How about abortion on demand where human life can be snuffed out for convenience, for selfishness?
    It’s so easy to blame someone else, something else for this kind of violence, but it has to go back to the shooter himself. Why did he do it?

  6. In Chicago or Baltimore or Philadelphia or NYC or LA (Democrat run cities) on any given summer weekend…10-20+ MINORITIES are shot as a regular occurrence…AND NO ONE in the national MSM gives a hoot? Yet MSM loses it mind when Pres Trump mentioned it last week..?

    (Shep “liberal panties” Smith is ranting & raving on his awful ‘news hour’ on FNC right; had to turn him off and turn on NFL Live)

  7. Considering that President Trump has his name on at least one video game that I know of (from back in 2002), he needs to be careful with the stone-throwing.

    No sane individual would call for the banning of an entire medium, based on one sensational genre. Gangsta rap is admittedly disgusting, but that is no reason to ban every musical act from Adiemus to ZZ Top. Television may indeed be a vast wasteland, but no one would seriously advocate throwing The Price Is Right out with Jerry Springer. Need I continue?

    “But it’s interactive!” Spare me! Have you ever been to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror, or read a Choose Your Own Adventure book, or listened to a radio call-in show? Audience participation is nothing new, nor is it unique to video games.

    Now, are there some games out there that can exacerbate mental illness? Absolutely, and I won’t even argue the point. Yet we’ve been having this debate hearing this lecture since, what, Mortal Kombat? 1992, somewhere around there?

    The number of rampage killings that have been caused, per se, by video games, is statistically zero. Yes, there have been killers that happened to be gamers. But none of them were mentally healthy individuals. And none of their mental illnesses, were directly attributable to gaming.

    A+B does not equal C here: Assassin’s Creed, plus Beaver Cleaver, does not add up to Columbine. The available data does not support that.

    More to the point, first-person shooter and role-playing video games–the usual culprits when politicians want cheap debating points–have been around, in some form or another, since, respectively, Maze War (c. 1973) and Dungeon (1975). Wolfenstein 3D, the first widely popular, modern-day FPS, came out in 1992.

    And in terms of numbers, Halo, as a franchise, had sold 65 million units, as of four years ago. Call of Duty, as a franchise, has sold over A QUARTER OF A BILLION UNITS. That’s an awful lot of FPS games out there, and an awful lot of dogs that aren’t barking.

    And again, there’s more to video games than shooters and role-plays. Sports simulations are some of the most popular titles from year to year. Philosophical games are out there, whether or not you agree with them (e.g., Everything, The Talos Principle, Everybody’s Gone To the Rapture, The Witness). And even some mobile games are getting crazily cerebral of late (The Room, I’m looking at you, and I haven’t forgotten my eyepiece!)

    There’s too much low-hanging fruit, and too much emotion, on this topic already. Now is not the time to discuss this yet again for yet another round of moral preening.

    When politicians dance on the graves of the dead, before the bodies in question are even buried, watch them carefully: for a threat to your liberties will soon follow.

  8. While he cannot be blamed directly, President’s rhetoric is certainly not helping. Here is him laughing at someone yelling about shooting immigrants:

    (If you have trouble connecting the dots, just imagine it is Antifa shouting about someone in Trump family – and see if you reach the same conclusion)

    1. The Dem’s/MSM’s constant rhetoric of calling HALF OF THE COUNTRY white supremacists and racist isn’t helping either…in fact, it’s more divisive and inciting than anything Trump has ever said or done.

    2. I watched the video. As a leader, he should have said “No, that is not a solution.” Instead, as you observed, he laughed too. If ever there was a green light for those who are tipping over the edge, here it was.

      Don’t invest too much time here. This is a forum where dissenting opinion is met with a brown shirt ferocity. From time to time, the blogger will post a dissent on 45, and oh, no. Not acceptable. A frequent participant even commented with “Strike Two” on that alternate perspective and then went dark for about a week. I’m sure I’ll earn many a hater comment for this one. Watch.

  9. President Trump is a dad. He understands young men, and the kind of discipline they need. Getting lost in virtual reality does not help these over-medicated under-achieving young murderers.

    The fantasy of “going down in a blaze of glory” is common to most. Once upon a time, a dissatisfied man could abandon home and go west, or go to sea, or join the army, or otherwise find enough real danger to grow most of them up.

    The media ignores the mass shooting in Chicago last night, but it has the same root causes as they all do. The murderers shooting up Chicago aren’t “disffected young white men” but they are disaffected young men and mass shooters all the same, killing other people out of the same urge to murder.

    Good Fathering in the only answer, and that is what Donald John Trump brings to the table that we have not seen in a long, long, long time.

    As President Trump understands, swift and deadly justice in the form of execution is essential as a deterrent against those who are not too far gone.

    But there have always been those who murder, and rampage, and don’t stop until they are stopped. Society must be able to stop them, with speedy trials and speedy execution – by hanging if necessary.

  10. Video games (including FPS games) and violent movies etc. are not the primary causes of mass murders. If they were, there would be hundreds, thousands of mass murderers in our society every year.

    The root cause, the primary reason for mass (or serial) murders is the state of mind of the murderer. And it turns out we know a lot about the psychological profile of mass murderers.

    And many more similar sites list these basic descriptors.

    This is what is not happening: parents, teachers, clergy, friends, relatives, associates etc. who are observing peculiar and disturbing behavior (talking about killing people, comments about wanting to kill people on social media, etc.) of people they know and work with are not reporting them, not sounding the alarm, not doing anything in most cases.

  11. Exposure to realistic violence in entertainment is likely a contributing factor. There is more to it than just that, however.

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