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Trump Almost Immediately Dumps DNI Pick Ratcliffe

Read between the lines here. President Trump in the tweet below makes clear that he told Rep. John Ratcliffe, whom he picked just days ago to be director of national intelligence, that he needed to withdraw.

Trump blamed the media, but this was obviously a mistake. Ratcliffe had little to no experience relative to the job.

I’m sure the president got a call from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell telling him this was not going to work. And so he cut bait instead of fishing

5 Responses to Trump Almost Immediately Dumps DNI Pick Ratcliffe

  1. Did anyone vet this guy…? Do a REAL background check/security clearance?
    No offense, this Trump “White House staff” has been kinda bad & not on the ball when it comes to looking into ‘backgrounds & histories’.

    • Trump is speaking to the press on the WH lawn right now (4:30 PM). He told them they were part of the vetting process. He said he would throw out a name and the press will vet him or her.

  2. We can’t blame President Trump for Mitch McConnell’s throwing his weight around – McConnell has made certain that ONLY people he approves get confirmation hearings, and has made clear the the President that he won’t confirm “replacements” unless McConnell approves.
    McConnell has also very stubbornly refused to allow President Trump to make recess appointments.

  3. I don’t know what this guy did, don’t care what he did unless it’s some kind of criminal offense. Asking real humans to provide a ‘saintly’ resume is ridiculous and mostly impossible. Who hasn’t done/said something that isn’t acceptable today?