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Oh No! Trump Writes Sarcastic Tweet About Elijah Cummings’ Home Robbery

Oh man, I laughed, I admit it.

Trump is loved by his supporters because of his assault on political correct correctness. Which is also something quite healthy for society.

I mean, he’s echoing John Lennon, right?

And though the news was rather sad
Well, I just had to laugh
I saw the photograph
He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights had changed

Trump did this not just because it amuses him, but because he knows it will be another day of dominating the news. Oh, the outrage! Another racist tweet! Trump is promoting violence!Poor Elijah Cummings, he’s such a good man and so well liked!

Give me a break.

The media lap it up. And they’re fooled again by Trump into giving him some more PR.

Man, he knows just how to play the press. He wins the news cycle every single day.

12 Responses to Oh No! Trump Writes Sarcastic Tweet About Elijah Cummings’ Home Robbery

  1. You are right. Wins everyday. Srdem is right. It could be a simple expression of sympathy. Actually it’s irony. Prices the point about crime. I would guess that Mr. Cummings lives in a nice area and still there is crime.

  2. OT: You read it here first.
    Michelle Obama’s name comes up as a last chance for the Dems to have a candidate to go up against PresTrump. She will not run for the position of POTUS, but will consider being the running mate of, maybe, Biden. The Dems would have the ‘dream team’ of “Biden/Obama”. M

    MrsObama has little or no interest in politics, but the VP position would appeal to her now. The family is grown, she’s bored, she can be back in the spotlight, go to every gala WhiteHouse event, appear on TV, etc.
    And, as if the return to the spotlight isn’t enough, she would be the “first”, “historic” Black woman to be elected as VP.

  3. So can I break into a US politicians house…and just live there, with all the perks & benefits as an “undocumented visitor”…and not be arrested or kicked out? -LOL

  4. Keith, your continual prejudice against Trump keeps popping up. You don’t know that this wasn’t a sincere expression of regret, but you think you do. You are proof of my assertion that if Trump walked on water, some would assert it’s because he enjoys spitting on swimmers.

    Very disappointing to see you in this group of the resolutely blind.