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Trump: Don Lemon is “the Dumbest Man on Television”

That’s quite an honor. There is so much competition, especially over at CNN. Anyway, kudos Mr. Lemon.

Lemon asked a question during Tuesday night’s debate which presumed that President Trump is racist, something about Trump voters who “prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry.”

Of course, Trump will be called out as racist for attacking a black man, even though that man called attacked him first.

At this point, if Trump says something good about an African American, that will be deemed pandering and, therefore, racist.

7 Responses to Trump: Don Lemon is “the Dumbest Man on Television”

  1. President Trump certainly isn’t pure, but generally speaking, he is responding to hateful comments – not initiating them. Sometimes he should probably just not respond, but that is not who he is. Although I watched his presentation at the ceremony in Virginia yesterday and when the heckler appeared and made noise, he stood quietly and didn’t say anything.

  2. Last night, one of the Dems made the comment that a prospective employee’s name is enough to keep them from getting hired. He/she is right, but not in the context of simple racism. There are a lot of small businesses that are afraid to hire someone they think is minority because of the popular trend to call “racism! or bigotry!” if that person is downgraded, criticized, or fired.

  3. The Dems have called him a racist since he came down the escalator three years ago…they called George W. a racist…they called Romney a racist (and a murderer!) I’m glad Trump at least fights back.

    • ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ was an arrogant, stuck-up, anti-American, neo-socialist racist…
      And NOT ONE Republican ever called him out for all the awful, un-lawful things he did (2008-2016)
      And alot of those useless Republicans are today very openly anti-Pres Trump.

  4. Remember how broken up Don Lemon was about Jussie Smollett – how he was contacting Jussie privately to make sure he was all right?

    Stupid man with a few excellent cards to wave.