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Trump Refuses to Back Down from Criticizing Elijah Cummings

This is why President Trump was elected. He is not afraid of wreaking havoc on the polite consensus.

Poor liberals, called out for the terrible mismanagement of their cities, all of which are run by Democrats and have Democratic representatives in Congress.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump continued to attack the “corrupt city” of Baltimore while speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning.

The president began his attacks against the city and Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings over the weekend, calling the city a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.

“Baltimore has been very badly mishandled for many years,” Trump stated outside of the White House on Tuesday. “As you know Congressman Cummings has been there for a long time. He’s had a very iron hand on it. It’s a corrupt city. There’s no question about it. All you have to do is look at the facts. The government has pumped in over the years billions and billions of dollars to no avail, to absolutely no avail. Baltimore is an example of what corrupt government leads to.”

Notice in the video below how CNN cites “repeated attacks on black lawmakers” by Trump. The media, allied with Democrats, continues to racialize criticism African Americans, as if Trump attacks no one else.

There is nothing racist about Trump going after Elijah Cummings, who as chair of the House Oversight Committee, is Trump’s natural antagonist. Liberals now try to defeat criticism by suggesting that if it’s against a minority, it’s racist, or if against a woman, sexist. But Trump – yes Trump, not the Democrats – is standing for free speech.

19 thoughts on “Trump Refuses to Back Down from Criticizing Elijah Cummings”

  1. The first time I was called a “racist” was during the Obama administration after I made a comment about Michelle’s attire.
    I was stunned!
    Not liking what a Black woman was wearing to a serious WhiteHouse event is “racist”???
    Good grief.

    This fooforall about the sad condition of a Dem run city proves again that any criticism, no matter how true, will be labeled “racist” might just be the end of the few Black or Mixed Race Dem candidates hope for the Presidency.

    1. My wife was a music teacher in 2007-2008. One of her middle school kids asked her if she voting for Obama. When she replied no, he asked her if she was racist.

    2. I was labeled a racist when Obama drew a line on Syria if they use chemical weapons. I voiced my criticism when they crossed the line and he did nothing. It showed world leaders that Obama was weak. He was not taken seriously. How was that racist?

    3. Yup…I was called “racist” back in 2008 when I asked why “Barack Hussein Obama”; the smartest man to run for president ever! would not release his college or law school grades/papers…

  2. I wonder if Cummings and California’s now-retired Jerry Brown of the Bullet Train to Nowhere ever get together and crow about their personal bank accounts in the Bahamas or wherever it is today that you can play Hide the Money?

  3. Thank you for saying this so clearly, Keith. It is true that racemongers of the non-white varieties have constructed a world in which they act for their self-interest and are immune from criticism because of their genetic membership in a group.

    If a city is run poorly it is not because of the race of the people doing the work, it is because of their corruption or inability or lack of resources. If billions of fed dollars disappear into a situation, the race of the people involved should not be an element of the analysis.

    “Gang Leader for a Day” is an older book, but still one that reveals the hustle and pay attitude that runs corrupt urban government and the projects. Well worth finding a copy and reading it, imo.

    1. Logically, there is only one “race” at this point in our eons of history; the human race.
      How are we racist in this legitimate fact of life?

      1. It’s all a way to secure power for ones’ own group. Left-handed people have legitimate problems in this world, but they blend into the population and don’t organize around their “hand identity.” If they ever did, they’d be an indenity politics group of their own.

  4. Just like Trump made the 4 freshman congresswomen the face of the Democratic Party, he is now inextricably binding Democrats like Cummings and race-baiter extraordinaire Al Sharpton AND their policies to the national Democratic Party. Going to be very difficult for them to go left for the primaries and pivot to the center for the general election. Trump might make that impossible for them.

  5. “There is nothing racist about Trump going after Elijah Cummings …”

    Of course not. Just like there was nothing racist about this:

    “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how…. ….it is done.”

  6. While at the gym on Sunday, I noticed (on two TVs side by side) CNN and MSNBC had the exact same wording on their lower-thirds…”Trump Attacks Cummings with Racist Tweets”…this is what he’s up against with the MSM/Dems, 24/7.

  7. One of the reasons I like Trump is he’s brutally honest. 0 man was never that;) btw My son’s wife is half black. She & my son are very conservative. Now. He lived all over the world as a writer, last place six years in NZ. His thinking changed when he came back to the states when Trump was running for President.

  8. Years ago, I used to live close enough to the Baltimore city line, that my apartment complex was (oh so conveniently) considered Baltimore City proper, by the automobile insurance racket.

    Baltimore has been a disaster for a while. The Freddy Grey riots (thanks, Obama, for inflaming the Ferguson effect) have not helped matters.

    Recruitment at the Baltimore City PD has unsurprisingly tanked in recent years, ever since Marilyn Mosby decided to publicly hang six of the city’s finest out to dry.

    Joke: A junior Baltimore City cop sees a hooker ripping off a street corner Santa. He tells his partner to stop the squad car, and that they need to arrest that hooker, because he can see that her hand is in his kettle. The senior cop says, “Well, I hope he isn’t ticklish,” and keeps on driving.

    Not a joke: Baltimore’s homicide rate in 2017 was 55.48 per 100,000, making it the 21st most murderous city on the planet. #22 was Recife, Brazil, and #20 was Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in case you’re wondering.

    The Democrats have run Baltimore into the ground. They broke it, they bought it, and if they want to try weaseling out of their ownership by palming the race card, then let them try, because that won’t wash in Weeki Wachee.

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