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Pompeo Suggests He Will Run for President in 2024

Mike Pompeo is one of President Trump’s closest aides. If you’ve noticed from the schedules, the president is constantly having lunch with him or hosting him for a meeting. It would not be surprising if he might eventually be able to wrangle Trump’s endorsement, assuming he can stay on Trump’s good side.

Which is not a beginner’s trick.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is open to running for president after his boss leaves office, the top U.S. diplomat confirmed. 

“America has given me an awful lot,” Pompeo said Monday in Washington. “And if I thought I could do a good turn, there’s nothing I wouldn’t consider doing for America.” 

Pompeo’s future has become a topic of keen interest for political insiders in recent months. A former House backbencher from Kansas, his tenure in President Trump’s administration — first as CIA director, now as secretary of state — has made him one of the most visible American leaders in the world. 

“The service that I’ve had the chance to do, I’m almost 20 years now in federal service, 18 years of federal service of my time in the Army, in Congress, and now in the executive branch,” he told the Economic Club. “I hope I have left things a little bit better, and I do feel an obligation.”

Well, thank you for your upcoming sacrifice and your willingness to honor us with your potential presence in the Oval Office, sir.

It is so selfless of you to want to be president.

3 thoughts on “Pompeo Suggests He Will Run for President in 2024”

  1. Assuming DonaldTrump wins in 2020, the next President will be like him – an outsider, a newbie, one who hasn’t milked the system but has a resume in the private sector.
    The ‘squad’ might be Dems, but they also reflect the voters distain for the professional politician, too. The Dems should pay attention to this new wave.
    Everything has changed with the flood of internet users and bloggers. We don’t get our news or ideas from the MSM anymore, young people don’t watch the traditional news programs and there are fresh faces and fresh ideas everywhere on the internet that appeal to the voters.

    1. Well said – many may not like the bluntness of Mr. Trump’s comments about “just about everything”, but most of us know that government as we know it, isn’t working (even if we don’t want to admit it publicly). When an elected official cares more about undocumented persons trying to cross the border than their own constituents, it awakes the silent majority. American’s are genuinely compassionate, but ignoring the needs of your citizenry (including legal immigrants)has and is rearing its ugly head.

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