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Trump: Et tu, Fox News?

President Trump is now going after Fox News for a new poll that shows him losing to Joe Biden 49 to 39 percent and to Bernie Sanders 46 percent to 40 percent. However, he beats Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, each by one point.

Fox News leans right, but I haven’t noticed that its polls are any different than anyone else’s, for better or worse.

13 thoughts on “Trump: Et tu, Fox News?”

  1. Polls, schmolls. ..
    Hillary by a landslide. Trump has “no path” to be elected. Hillary with 95% voter approval.

    Nothing has changed in the PC world where a conservative is viewed as a racist, idiot, smelly shopper, a threat to ‘democracy’ and every other horrible thing. There are a lot of places where a MAGA hat is seen as an invitation to commit violence, shunning, or removal from a location.

    The American working class, no matter their voting preference, don’t want to pay for the “free” medical care of illegal aliens when they don’t get “free” anything. We don’t want to subsidize cheap housing for Mexicans, Hondourans, ect when we don’t have “cheap” housing for ourselves and our family. We don’t want to stop driving our cars and trucks, we don’t want to use paper straws to drink our colas, and we don’t want our Betters to tell us how to live at all.

  2. He just like’s to keep things in the news. No different than anything else he does. It’s his way of letting voters who support him how important it is to vote. Sick of polls.

  3. Just based on how wrong the surveys were in 2016, there is a need for a study that analyzes what percent of conservatives, or Trump supporters, will answer with a false response. I find myself staying quiet about my support of Trump because I don’t want get into an endless, and no-win, argument. Especially when dealing with an individual suffering from TDS.

    1. I’m the same way. I just will not encourage “their” crazy violence towards me. Recently in Tucson, a man with a MAGA hat was beat up hard & bigly. His foot was so smashed up it was only held on by his skin.

  4. Not a single poll matters until the Ds choose their nominee. And then the only polls that matter will be in six to eight, specific states.

    Anything before that is just chumming the waters.

  5. Not worrying about polls this early. No reason to. They mean nothing. I will say I read lots of comments all over and I see many people say they didn’t vote for Trump before, but are this time.

  6. Fox News is no longer right-leaning.

    Any infotainment channel that can employ Donna “Crib Notes” Brazile, loses any claim on impartiality, never mind on being right of center.

  7. I’ve given up on television network news, the Associated Press, the NYT, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, etc. I’m tired of reading/hearing biased news peddled as “the truth”; I’m fed up to the gills with “talk radio” with their 30-40 percent of each hour spent in advertising, program promotion, hosts endlessly peddling their books (I’m talking about you, Mark Levin), hosts bragging about how great they are, etc.

    So what I do now is rely on a stable of internet writers and commentators I’ve learned to trust over time. I do watch France24 on my Roku, I admit. They are really the best television news broadcasters I’ve found and do a great job reporting world events, including US news.

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