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Epstein Visited Bill Clinton in the White House

President Trump suggested there was more to the story of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, the former a noted lecher, the latter a lecher, and a pedophile.

Presumably, Trump has access to the White House visitor logs. And perhaps other information as well.

Anyway, according to the Daily Beast:

Days after Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on sex-trafficking charges in New York, Bill Clinton distanced himself from the high-flying financier and convicted sex offender. The former president owned up to just six encounters with Epstein, starting in 2002: four flights on the billionaire’s private jet, a single trip to his Harlem office, and one “brief visit” to his New York apartment, all with staff and security detail in tow. 

Now, a Daily Beast investigation has uncovered ties between Epstein and the Clinton administration that date back to the president’s earliest days in the White House, casting doubt on the oft-circulated narrative that the two only began associating after Clinton left office.   

As early as 1993, records show, Epstein donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association and attended a donors’ reception hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Around the same time, according to a source familiar with the connection, Epstein visited presidential aide Mark Middleton several times at the White House. Two years later, businesswoman Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote a personal letter to Clinton thanking him for their talk about the financier. 

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York,” Clinton’s spokesperson, Angel Ureña, told The Daily Beast. “Any suggestion to the contrary is both factually inaccurate and irresponsible.”

2 thoughts on “Epstein Visited Bill Clinton in the White House”

  1. IMO, if this pervert finds himself in front of an ethical prosecutor who can’t be bought, can’t be bribed, and isn’t concerned with naming names, he will kill himself or be killed by others.
    Naming BubbaClinton as a close friend or an active participant in a sexual crime won’t happen.

    The word out here in fly-over country about this whole sordid affair: Oh yeah, one of the underage girls was still wearing dental braces? The evidence is that she is an important member of some family, so how does she get to fly away with a suspected pervert and no adult makes a fuss unless they were complicit in this crime.
    Young girls were not drugged, hit over the head and dragged onto a jet plane, but packed a travel bag, said goodbye to ‘someone’ and flew away , then returned home without bruises or bandages. No one complained to the police, no CPS personnel was called, nada.
    It’s a sad truth that there are untold numbers of men (and some women) who are sex offenders living among us. The difference in this story is the public face of the supposed offenders.
    Let justice take it’s course.

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