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Robert Mueller Delivers Mumbling, Bumbling Performance, Harming Democrats

Former special counsel Robert Mueller seemed confused, aged, and possibly suffering from mental deterioration during a disastrous appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

This hurts the Democrats in two ways: First, it has become the story of the hearings, not President Trump, or “Trimp,” as Mueller referred to him at one point.

Second, it raises questions about just who was in charge of the Mueller investigation — whether it was driven by the Democratic staffers he hired or by an aging man not up to the task.

He didn’t even seem particularly familiar with his own report.

This is completely backfiring on the Democrats. It’s like when the prosecution told O.J. Simpson during his trial to try on the glove he used in the murders, and it didn’t fit.

Trump, unsurprisingly, was delighted.

16 Responses to Robert Mueller Delivers Mumbling, Bumbling Performance, Harming Democrats

  1. It’s finally over. What a disgraceful event. Mueller came across as a guy called to explain what his sons had done when he couldn’t even remember their names.
    Sad. Really sad.

    • Is the House Intelligence Committee Hearing (Part 2) over as well or just the morning session with the House Judiciary Committee (Part 1)?

  2. I watched maybe 5 minutes. Part of his opening and first responses to Nadler. He did seem out of sorts. My thought if he continued that way it would not go well. He almost seemed nervous.

    • I have a different take on Mueller’s performance. Will the Democrats demand that the investigation get a “do over” because of Mueller’s mental instability? Right now Nancy, Adam and Jerry are still crowing about Trump being guilty of collusion.

    • If I stand on the side of the road waving my arms while yelling “stop! stop!” but you keep on driving by, is that obstruction of traffic? LOL.
      Lunatics, for sure.

  3. Imagine every time Trumps “criminal acts” are mentioned…insert the name ‘Hillary Clinton’ -LOL

    Does NO ONE remember how close$$$ the Clinton Foundation was/is to Russia…? -LOL

  4. Agree with all here. Mueller was awkward, frail and basically unresponsive (he declined to answer questions posed to him 206 times). The fanatic Democrats posed questions in the form of accusations–a really cheap tactic.

    Example: Democrat: “Would you agree, Mr. Mueller, that Trump is Satan and became President because he wanted to destroy the United States?”
    Mueller: “Would you repeat the question?”

    Mueller sounded like he hadn’t read the “Mueller Report”.

    Watch and see, the corporate media will tell us Mueller was a hero today.

    Two reading recommendations ;+}. They give much insight about what happened today.

    “The Trial” by Franz Kafka. The Trial is the tale of Josef K., a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and inexplicably arrested and must defend himself against a charge about which he can get no information. He is guilty because his prosecutors say he is guilty.

    And, Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer”, which sheds light on how political fanatics are created–explains the Democrats. crazed behavior in today’s hearing.

    • Ha! Kafka…excellent reference.
      A copy of that should be sent to all the idiot, moron Dems who spoke at these ‘kangaroo courts/hearings’ today. (…then again Dems in congress today dont read anything -lol)

  5. This was no ordinary disaster for the Democrats.

    This was the Hindenburg crashing in Chernobyl, which then ignites the Centralia mine fire, which, after spreading a bit, undercuts the foundations of the Sampoong Department Store, whereupon the surviving-ish shoppers therein, become the vanguard of a zombie apocalypse.

    This was, for those who remember 1995, thirty-two flavors (and then some) of whoops now.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am going to spend my evening laughing hysterically.

      • Somewhere out there, Herb Morrison no doubt resents the notion, that perhaps the most frightening moment of his life, has been reduced to a postmodern cliche.

    • Agree. The public got to see and hear the corruption, fanaticism, evil intent and general buffoonery of the Democrats on the committee. Today was a major blow to what little credibility they have left. What a complete disgrace.