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Video || Rashida Tlaib had to be Physically Removed From a Trump 2016 Event

According to the Washington Examiner:

A video resurfaced Saturday of Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib being forcibly removed from an Aug. 8, 2016 Trump campaign event in Detroit while screaming, “You guys are crazy!”

Footage showed two security officials holding Tlaib by her arms and guiding her toward the exit while she screamed at the crowd gathered for Trump’s speech. Tlaib was reportedly among at least 14 protesters removed from the event that evening.

6 thoughts on “Video || Rashida Tlaib had to be Physically Removed From a Trump 2016 Event”

  1. What a piece of work. She was certainly entitled to be there but what a mess. Of the 4, she is certainly the most obnoxious and foul mouthed. If the 4 of them were really members of their party elected, they would notch it down.

    1. I Pray there is a special place in Hell for ‘the squad’.
      But before they go I look forward to their very messy & public explosion, which will drag down all the obnoxious Dems over the next year…-LOL

    1. One of them just said they want $20/hour. They have no concept of what that fully entails. So yep, stupid socialists Spook.

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