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Video || Trump DoD Nominee Refuses to Commit Not to Lobby; Warren Goes Bonkers

Kind of fun.

Here’s some of the service to the country by Defense Secretary nominee Mark Esper that Elizabeth Warren casually discounts. Via Wikipedia:

Esper served as an infantry officer with the 101st Airborne Division and deployed with the “Screaming Eagles” for the 1990–91 Gulf War. His battalion was part of the famous “left hook” that led to the defeat of the Iraqi Army. For his actions, Esper was awarded a Bronze Star, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and various service medals.[11] He later led an Airborne Rifle Company in Europe and served as an army fellow at the Pentagon.[10] Esper was on active duty for over ten years before transitioning to the District of Columbia Army National Guard and later the Army Reserve, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel.[13] Esper is a recipient of the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. Among his military awards and decorations are the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal – Saudi Arabia, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.[14]

Meantime, Elizabeth Warren was pretending to be a Native American so she could advance her career. I’m just saying!

14 thoughts on “Video || Trump DoD Nominee Refuses to Commit Not to Lobby; Warren Goes Bonkers”

  1. All of the high-profile Dems are miserable people, with such a negative outlook about everyone and everything. All they want is power and to rule with an iron fist.

  2. So much hypocrisy. I honestly don’t know how these people look at themselves in the mirror or get a good night’s rest for that matter.

    1. Wendy, I think it’s this way – they look in the mirror and there is nothing to be seen. Characteristic trait of a vampire.

    2. Are you joking? Modern Republicans are DEFINED by their hypocrisy. President Trump emboldens our enemies, legitimizes a mad dictator and flatters a long self-proclaimed enemy of America while alienating generational allies… and Republicans demand he win the Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama stated that he would consider meeting with the North Korean dictator and Republicans lost their minds. The cowardice, hypocrisy and absolute refusal to accept reality or the slightest bit of responsibility for their actions while taking credit for anything good which happens are the legacies of Trumpian Republicanism, and you ask how “these people” can stand to look at themselves in the mirror. I think probably because they know they’re not Republicans, led by a thin-skinned, draft-dodging narcissist who would sooner watch the country burn than accept a narrative in which he wasn’t the savior of America and the best at everything ever always.

      When did Republicans become this weird Trumpian cult? When did Republicans become these perpetually angry, whiny, self-defined-victims and laughable tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists? They used to be a party I looked up to – now they can’t acknowledge simple facts if those facts aren’t conducive to the legend of the perfect Trump.

      But boy, they’ve mastered the art of projecting their sins onto others and in justifying the unjustifiable.

      I think these people can stand looking a themselves in the mirror because they know that their opposition is the Republicans – the cult of Trump. A group of people with one standard for President Trump and another standard for anyone else. A group of people who applaud the president for things they would stone another president for.

      As for Republicans, I have to assume it is their fantastic capacity for self-deception and projection that allows them to stand themselves, but honestly I don’t know anymore. I don’t recognize America anymore, I don’t recognize the Republican party anymore. But hey, the other reply is probably onto something.. They theorize that Democrats are evil, supernatural, blood-sucking creatures that don’t cast reflections. Sounds about as reasonable as any other justification the cult of Trump comes up with.

  3. Senator Warren, if elected President of the United States, do you promise not to accept any paid speaking engagements or any paid positions of power in the private world, including financial, technological, or not-for-profit organizations?

    In addition, do you promise to smoke’em peace pipe with real native Americans and yell from the tops of the mountains you are sorry for calling yourself a person of color (red) for the sole purpose of gaining positions in the academic world? In addition, will you also apologize for plagiarizing several recipes you submitted to the 1984 cookbook “Pow Wow Chow”?

    1. Plagiarize several recipes? Are you kidding? Is this really your response? What is wrong with you? I suppose the President of the United States calling a sitting senator “Pocahontas” is perfectly fine with you, and a president who actively lies about and conceals his finances, refuses to divorce himself from his conflicts of interests and actively seeks to enrich himself via his political power – that’s all okay. The Republican theme of hypocrisy continues unabated. Things that you would excoriate Democrats for you applaud President Trump for. Truly modern Republicans have no shame.

  4. Can you imagine someone as mentally unstable or peculiar as a President Elizabeth Warren dealing successfully with Putin or Xi Jinping or the crazed ayatollahs or the fat kid in North Korea? Not in a million years.

    1. I think you could say that about any of the Democrat candidates. Biden even said he would return to Obama’s deal with Iran.

    2. Mentally unstable? I suppose we need a self-proclaimed “very stable genius” to successfully negotiate with mad dictators and self-proclaimed enemies of America. Thank goodness we have a true hero President to alienate our allies and embolden our enemies, right? The Republican capacity for self-delusion continually amazes.

  5. Hearing the name Raytheon was kind of freaky. Raytheon has an optics plant in the little town I live in. In fact, the Raytheon building is right behind my house. I share a fence with them across my backyard, as do several of my neighbours. The fence is topped with barbed wire, the plant is very quiet and has around the clock security. It makes me feel pretty safe!

  6. Republicans are defined by their hypocrisy. You have a sociopathic liar in the White House – literally the most famous liar in the world, prone to hyperbole, nazi’esh proclamations and dictatorial tendencies. He’s held his “deeply-held” conservative beliefs for about a minute, ever since he wanted to pursue the Republican nomination. And yet Republicans will forgive Trump for literally anything because they have lost their ability to objectively assess information and hate their fellow citizens with a white hot hatred I’ve not seen in my lifetime. They instead rely on tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories and other madness to explain or absolve their mad hero-President and pathologically project their sins and failures onto Democrats – because it is they, after all, who want to rule with an iron fist? Sure.

    The President calls the media the enemy of the people, fosters racist chants, and all the while they sit back, pretend the President is kidding or blindly justify it, with Republican politicians knowing the slightest disapproval of any Executive action will result in an immediate all-out hate-filled assault on them by the President and leader of their party, infamous for his thin-skin and inability to take the slightest bit of constructive feedback. The number of cowards in the Republican party Trump’s rise has revealed is staggering.

    How do Democrats look at themselves in the morning? Because Republicans have sold their souls. They have invested EVERYTHING in supporting a mad, sociopathically dishonest narcissist because he never says he’s sorry and he destroys anyone – especially those in his own party – if they deviate from the party line that he is a “very stable genius” responsible for everything good that ever happens. Trump was taking credit for jobs numbers a couple of weeks into office – jobs numbers that just a month earlier he had dismissed as fabricated or entirely false – because they didn’t occur under his administration. How do Democrats look at themselves? Because everything about the Trump Cult is a lie, because it is evil, because Republicans, who used to be the grown-ups in the world, have given up everything good about themselves to support this immoral, dangerous man. Whether out of their shocking cowardice or frightening hatred, I don’t know and don’t care. What I do know is that they are a party of destruction and lies, and it’s hard to imagine anything more noble than standing in opposition to them.

    I know that Democrats aren’t perfect, but when compared with Republicans, you’d have to be a master at self-deception, grotesquely immoral or flatly insane not to immediately oppose their sickening rise to power.

    Donald Trump, a man elected with significantly less public support than his competitor, has swiftly filled the swamp with the worst of the worst; disgusting industry shills that have immediately set out to dismantle the meager protections that were set up to protect the citizens of our country.

    The Republicans steal a Supreme Court seat by refusing to honor their Constitutionally mandated responsibility and even look at the Judicial nominations supplied by a duly elected President (who actually enjoyed a popular majority); something that Republicans would have LOST. THEIR. MINDS. over if it had been done to them. Indeed, if Trump had won the popular vote but lost their electoral college, again – Republicans would have LOST. THEIR. MINDS.

    The hypocrisy of the Trump Cult (formerly Republicans) is astonishing. Absolutely astonishing. I’ve never seen a group so allergic to taking responsibility for their actions – and so eager to blame others for them. They continue to buy into or let pass the demonstrable lies and self-aggrandizement that Trump routinely engages in to the detriment of our entire country. What happened to Republicans? If the Reagan of the 80’s were to come back, Trump would destroy him and he would be ashamed of what Republicans have become. Our founding fathers would be disgusted with the current president, and pray that the Constitutional restrictions and balances they put in place be enough to contain his madness. One of those has already failed – a Republican House & Senate that refused to honor their mandate and check the President, instead turning into sycophantic, servile cowards afraid of voicing the slightest opposition even as the President made outrageous mistakes and floundered in his duties.

    Democrats easily look at themselves in the morning because you’ve blown it. You’ve sold your souls. You’ve lost the last tattered shreds of whatever moral authority you once held. You’ve turned on Democracy, democratic institutions, decency, morality and everything else good about our country. At long last, Republicans have no shame. Period. It’s unbelievably sad.

    When Trump isn’t hypocritically playing golf, he’s emboldening our nation’s enemies and further alienating our allies. He’s concealing his conflicts of interest, weaponizing the justice system against his enemies, driving out generations of authentic, life-long government servants and heroes while installing petty, selfish political loyalists at every level of government.

    But yeah, Elizabeth Warren is the problem. Wow. Trump has done generational damage to our country – damage we may never fully recover from. Our allies don’t respect us anymore, our enemies laugh at how easily they have manipulated the President of the United States, and corporations run rampant without even the pretense of responsibility. And Republicans wonder aloud how Democrats live with themselves.. How do you? How do you let all of the lies and destruction and self-serving wash over you without comment and feel okay about it? How do you stand yourselves when you applaud Trump for things you would have excoriated President Obama for? Do you really, at long last, have no shame?

    After every destructive action Trump takes we hear a chorus of Republicans rise up “He’s the greatest president in history.” But in the end, even after all of the lies, scandals, division, foreign policy disasters, domestic strife not-withstanding, he’s still riding on the coattails of President Obama.

    Republicanism is no more. It’s the cult of Trump now. An entitled billionaire, narcissist, draft-dodging, reality-star liar and moron who has, through brutal hounding of even the mildest of critics, become the de facto dictator of the Republican party. A party that has no shame, no decency and is actively participating in the downfall of the greatest nation in the world, and all because you hate “libtards” with such intensity that you will enable an immoral braggart with any justification required for any reprehensible behavior. The Republicans that I knew as a child are no more. They’ve been replaced with a shallow, hateful crew of conspiracy theorists, liars, hypocrites and suckers. It’s genuinely sad and because of them, I fear for the future of our country.

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