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Video || Trump Says He Was “Not Happy” With “Send Her Back” Chant

I’m glad he did this, at least.

President Trump Thursday said he disagreed with supporters at his rally in Greenville, North Carolina, who began chanting “send her back” when he spoke about Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a Somali immigrant.

Trump claimed he tried to quell the chant by quickly beginning to speak over it.

“I was not happy with it — I disagree with it,” he said.

Of course, the chant was prompted by his own tweet Sunday, which called for sending her back to Somalia — and sending three other leftist congresswomen back to unknown destinations, given that they were born in the United States.

He has not disavowed the tweet. He should. Maybe that would put an end to such ugly, disappointing chants.

23 thoughts on “Video || Trump Says He Was “Not Happy” With “Send Her Back” Chant”

  1. While I agree he should not have made the statement Keith even if disavowed the tweet it wouldn’t matter. Plenty of blame to go around. I wish no one tweeted. I detest social media and news organizations who use no objectivity. It is time to move on.

  2. Here is the exact tweet since some people STILL don’t get it:

    “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how…. ….it is done.”

    If you somehow think suggesting people who hate this country and how it’s being run – should go back, fix their own country and then come back and tell us how it’s done – is somehow racist?

    That’s on you. Not Trump. Or the rest of us.

    1. Like many individuals/Dems, they go straight to Emotion; “why’d you do this to me?”. They never acknowledge that they actually dominate the feelings they have & blame others for their own personal outrage.
      I could not get my dem mother to factually understand this. It’s like conversing with your dog.

      1. “It’s like conversing with your dog”. You write such a thing about your own mother and now Trump is now taking back his take back. Maybe it would be good if you showed her more respect. She probably knows a thing or two you have yet to learn.

  3. Absolutely Correct, JIMG!

    Keith- what the hell dude, you too?

    I though you were the one in the cesspool of journo cranks down there, who knew the difference between total bullshit and semi journo bullshit. Guess not.
    You forgot the part about Trump telling these fraud, Jew hating socialists, TO COME BACK after they fix the crappy places they came from.

    Why did you leave that out?

    You’re not getting it, Keith

    Most us are done with this Trump hating America hating crap. Most of the 61million who voted for him can’t wait to vote for him again.
    You were a kid then, so go read about Nixon-McGovern ‘72.


  4. In a way the anti-American hate-filled morons of “the squad” do ‘come from’ crappy places:

    Omar = “little somalia”Minneapolis MN
    Cortez = Bronx NYC
    Pressley = democratic socialist Boston
    Tlaib = ghetto Detroit

    In a way all third-world sh#t-holes that really need help & reform…like Pres. Trump says -LOL

    1. The Bronx has lots of Puerto Ricans. Right now there is a big protest in Puerto Rico. The people want the governor to go.

      Could any of the squad be in any other country in the world and have it as good?

      1. And the Governor of Puerto Rico; corrupt government, Third World like sh@t-hole, is a…Democrat! (something No One in the “MSM” ever mentions…?)

        1. I picked up the story about the Puerto Rico protest on Euronews. You could give PR all the money in the world and the next week they would ask for more.

  5. These are 4 women who do nothing–absolutely nothing!–but complain and moan and spew racist filth.
    They seem to only be interested in themselves and their agenda–AOC in fact chased Amazon and thousands of jobs out of NYC.
    They need to get off their rear ends and actually do something for their constituents and the people of the United States.
    Or at least shut up.

  6. Do any prominent Dems ever say they’re “not happy” with the president and his supporters constantly being called racists/Nazis/white supremacists by other Dems??

    Funny, I never hear of any them.

    1. I want to call my Congressmen (all “D” so they are useless morons) and ask them:
      ‘Am I a racist since I support Pres Trump…?’

  7. It is interesting how many 4th & 5th generation Americans- descendants of the War of Independence- have allowed & helped their enemy (who is concealed in the ‘melting pot’ & afforded special protection) by assuming his mentality to undo what the Founders intended for posterity.

  8. Frederick Tomlinson

    The family history of Ilhan Omar, who original name was Ilhan Nur Said Elmi.

    Much research gone into this by the author. Anyway she has three sibling living in the UK, they sought asylum in the UK 1997, so the family split in two.

    I have to say the UK media went hysterical over this story in support of Omar without once mentioning she had 3 siblings who had lived here for over 20 years. MSM over here is worse than CNN.

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