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Video || Trump Mocks a Protestor and Attacks Ilhan Omar

President Trump will force whoever the Democratic nominee is to either disown or if not, own, the Squad.

His bet is that not just conservatives, but average Americans are going to be more afraid and contemptuous of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan than they will of Donald Trump.

It’s a good bet.

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump Mocks a Protestor and Attacks Ilhan Omar”

  1. Yes, and no: He did mock a pathetic protester, but he didn’t “attack” Omar unless quoting someone with their very words is now considered an attack.
    There isn’t any current candidate for the Presidency who can give a speech like he did tonight. He didn’t promise any freebies, he didn’t single out a minority group to offer sympathy for their real or imagined plight, and he didn’t denigrate our country.
    MrTrump did brag about the soaring economy, the great jobs opportunities, our standing in world affairs, and hoped to keep doing what he believes is right for the future of our country. Interspersed were snippets of his life as POTUS and how it affected him – the Mueller Russian hoax, and how his relationship with long-time friends has changed. He was proud and humbled at the same time.

    The “squad”: someone offered they could be Republican plants because they were turning voters away from the Dem agenda. Individually, and as a group, they are insulting, offensive, divisive and with the MSM’s blessing, the new voice of the Dems.

  2. The audience chanted “Send her back”. I believe let her be. The more she talks the better for Trump. As one guy on TV this morning said about AOC “she makes Trump look like Abe Lincoln”.

  3. And boy did the media pick up on the chant send her back – unfortunately they will continue to pound that drum, but most people, even if they don’t like Trump, will blow that whole thing off.

  4. Headline from “The Gateway Pundit”: “Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Introduce Radical BDS Resolution That Compares Israel to Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan”

    Here are two Dems who have never been harmed by anyone in Israel or the government of Israel but wish the death of that Jewish state simply because it’s a “Jewish state”. How do we NOT remove them from our government, how do we NOT attack them for their attempt to punish Jews for simply not being Muslim?
    There is nothing little more anti-American than the persecution and distain for a religion simply because one doesn’t like them or they don’t worship as another does. Our country, our government was based on religious freedom, freedom from government interference.
    What these two women did was to promote the use of government resources to punish another country because the majority of it’s citizens are of the Jewish religion.

    1. Schumer critized Trump for the chant and defend Omar. Isn’t that something, Schumer defending an anti-Semite? Will the Dems lose some Jewish voters?

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