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Republicans Start Targeting “The Squad”

These four will be the gift that keeps on giving.

My understanding is that Nancy Pelosi can’t stand them and that the Democratic leadership is aghast that four women with no experience and representing just a few districts are the tail wagging the Democratic dog.

Below is an RNC video capitalizing on their actions and comments. There will be more, because they can’t help themselves. They make Maxine Waters, the previous face of the Democratic Party, seem like a sweet old lady.

19 thoughts on “Republicans Start Targeting “The Squad””

  1. In a different blog’s comment section the term “jihadi squad” was concurred as a fitting name for these spoiled little girls.
    It’s blatant craziness that these young, inexperienced kids can get away with being anti Semitic with no consequences for their bad behavior, yet our President is condemned for speaking the truth.

  2. Given the fact that women as a group are unable to get along together for much more than a month, if that, expect these Jihadi Janes to start slinging insults and accusations at one another and subsequently disband. As proof of my assertations, think of soccer moms, PTA and book club members. Husbands and children, how often has it been since wife/Mom came in from one of these muttering insults about “that awful Gloria Smith!” ? Yes…

    1. Point #1: Ocasio-Cortez discussed her Catholic faith and its impact on her life and her campaign for criminal justice reform in an article she wrote for America, the magazine of the Jesuit order in the United States.[197] At a December 2018 Hanukkah celebration in New York, she revealed that she has Sephardic Jewish ancestry, although she does not practice Judaism.[198]
      During the 2018 election campaign Ocasio-Cortez resided in Parkchester, Bronx, with her boyfriend, Riley Roberts.[199][200][201]
      Point #2 Two members of this little ‘cabal’ are Muslim who have expressed their distain for all Jews and Christians.

      Point #3 You are so right! Nina.

  3. No one seems to focus on the big picture, the background of why these congresswomen seem to be so powerful – the MSM’s love of turmoil, disasters, and anti-American/Trump people.
    IF the MSM had not given these young women a big ‘megaphone’, no one would have any idea of their agenda except for their close associates.

    Why did we debate whether detainees at the southern borders were “drinking out of toilets”? We heard that on all the MSM’s platforms because AOC said so, and no one at these news organizations investigated or challenged her assertions.
    Their hope that PresidentTrump would be hammered with that false accusation was the only reason they solemnly aired it – over and over.
    Anti-Semitism? Anti-Israel? Big news for the MSM and promoted over and over.
    We’re all going to die in 12 years? Headlines everywhere promoted to scare ordinary citizens.
    So much more, so much hatred.

    Without the compliant MSM, no one would know the names of these women, much less know what their political agendas meant to anyone.

    There will come a time when all four women will be destroyed, ignored, maybe even lose their re-election and no one will remember who or what they were. They are perfect tools for the MSM that can’t seem to find the magic wand to remove PresTrump and when they fizzle out, a new anti-Trump meme will emerge.

  4. Frederick Tomlinson

    The media will promote anybody who uses foul language against the President or any half-baked accusation. The only real thing they have in common is that they all hate Trump. The Dems will wish they never heard of them.

  5. At one point, recently, I think it was Omar who complained about being assigned to committees by Pelosi. She was astonished that she had to actually do some work as a member of Congress and not just insult Trump every time there was a microphone in front of her.

  6. And, more to the point, Trump just maneuvered every Democrat in the House into stick up for these tyrannical twits.

    Al Green is calling for, what is it, the third? or is it fourth? impeachment vote, since Trump was sworn in.

    Trump is like Joker from Persona 5: He has ripped off their masks, to reveal the demons within.

  7. Does anyone know who started the term “The Squad” when referring to them or where it came from? I hadn’t heard it being used prior to this week.

  8. Such a miserable, wholly unlikable bunch…as Tucker Carlson noted, you wouldn’t want to sit down and have dinner with any of them.

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