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Trump: “I Don’t Have a Racist Bone in My Body”

The House will vote tonight on whether to condemns President Trump’s tweets that targeted the four leftist congresswoman known as the “Squad.” Trump told Republicans not to show “weakness.”

4 thoughts on “Trump: “I Don’t Have a Racist Bone in My Body””

  1. Isn’t it pathetic that Congress doesn’t seem to be able to deal with real issues, immigration, the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, health care, drug crisis and many more, but they can sure mobilize and spend countless hours pursuing the subpoenaing of just about anyone associated with President Trump and have the time to decide whether to condemn the President’s comments. If Congress took the time to do the same to their membership it would at least ring consistent. Nothing gets done in this country for the good of the American people and those here legally. Good lord people – do your jobs and get over yourselves.

  2. Looks like Mzzzzzz Pelosi got her butt kicked over the issue:

    “House decides Nancy Pelosi’s criticism of Trump violates chamber rules”

    With The Squad of Morons accusing Nancy of “racism” and now this vote condemning her statement, looks like she’s losing ground fast. Her power as House leader and her enormous ego are taking a big hit.

    She’s on her way out…watch and see.

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