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Video || Trump Effusively Praises Labor Secretary Acosta, But It’s Bye Bye Anyway

No sure what the point of this was. President Trump could have asked Labor Secretary Alex Acosta not to resign, but it looks like he didn’t.

From Trump’s remarks:

I think he was a great Labor Secretary, not a good Labor Secretary.  He’s done a fantastic job.  He’s a friend of everybody in the administration.  And I got a call this morning, early, from Alex.  And I think he did a very good job yesterday.  Under a lot of pressure, he did a fantastic job and he explained it.  He made a deal that people were happy with, and then, 12 years later, they’re not happy with it.  You’ll have to figure all of that out.
But the fact is, he has been a fantastic Secretary of Labor.  And Alex called me this morning and he wanted to see me.  And I actually said, “Well, we have the press right out here, so perhaps you just want to say it to the press.”
     But I just want to let you know, this was him, not me, because I’m with him.  He was a — he’s a tremendous talent.  He’s a Hispanic man.  He went to Harvard.  A great student.  And, in so many ways, I just hate what he’s saying now because we’re going to miss him.

12 Responses to Video || Trump Effusively Praises Labor Secretary Acosta, But It’s Bye Bye Anyway

  1. Us yokels here in fly-over country are confused about this whole thing. What did Acosta do that would cause the MSM to attack him, and subsequently cause him to resign his position?

    • I’m going to get some of the titles and perhaps even names wrong, but here goes: Acosta was the Prosecuting Attorney when Epstein the Pedo was first arrested. Acosta says that Epstein did get a sweetheart deal, but he would have walked away free if another powerful player (name?) also in Florida justice had gotten his way. So, Acosta says he did the best he could. Now, Epstein has been re-arrested on pedo charges and the SJWs and Dems have targeted Acosta for having been “soft” on Epstein the first time around. So, the yammer is now about Acosta and it is distracting to Trump plans for labor.

      It’s very possible that Trump did ask Acosta to stay in office, but Acosta refused. I think Trump and Acosta both believe that the Dems and SJWs would not stop the noise for the rest of Trump’s time in office.

      I’m sorry he is leaving — the Dems got themselves another “resist” victory and accomplished their usual Alinsky tactic: freeze the issue (was Acosta soft — instead of “why was B. Clinton such a buddy to pedo?) polarize it — for or against pedophilia — personalize it (destroy Acosta’s career while Bill and Hil go uncriticized for being pals with a pedo).

  2. Well, I’m in the minority, but I think this is the appropriate thing to do. Acosta’s mistake was in letting Epstein plead, instead of taking the case to trial in open court. As ugly as the allegations were back then, the People of the United States deserved a jury trial.

    Too many prosecutors would rather take an easy plea bargain than have to actually do their jobs by proving their case to an impartial jury. While it’s “standard industry practice”, it isn’t necessarily the most right and just thing to do.

    I’m sure Acosta is a good man and just did what he thought the best course of action at the time, as do we all.

    However, prosecutors do need to be accountable for those plea bargains, and now, Acosta is having to face the backlash from the Public. That backlash should have happened immediately after the original case, and then he’d have been past it by now.

    • Who was the US AG at this time…Acosta boss? Eric Holder…???
      If Acosta was having issues as a US FEDERAL PROSECUTOR why didnt Acosta go to his boss in DC with his concerns?

      • That’s a question, isn’t it? Acosta says he was “warned off”, but he won’t say by whom.

        George W Bush was still president in 2008 when this plea bargain was made, and Michael Mukasey was Attorney General.

  3. I realize he probably had to leave at this point, but only because the MSM/Dems have deemed that everything always leads back to Trump…he was indeed a good/great labor secretary, but because he works for Trump, that meant he had to go…for something that happened eleven years ago! This would never happen with a Democrat president.

    • True that, Mr. Pibb. A Dem President would have stonewalled — or the media would have swarmed in to protect Acosta instead of attacking him.

      • Like why no one in the “MSM” or sycophant “WH press corps” ever really cared about…or followed up on Benghazi… :-(