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Trump: Social Media More Important and Powerful Than “Fake News Media”

President Trump is holding a summit on social media this afternoon. It is likely to shape up into a forum for bashing left-leaning news media as much as anything else.

4 thoughts on “Trump: Social Media More Important and Powerful Than “Fake News Media””

  1. PresTrump, so great looking and smart, a true Stable Genius, is having some fun time poking at the crippled-bear MSM.
    OT: the profane, deplorable women of the soccer team.
    Yikes, we’re glad they won’t be going to visit the White House, but will take their disgusting manners and language to the Dems in Congress.

  2. The truth is that press credibility has been declining for 30+ years, long before Trump came on the political scene. It’s been declining even more with the media attacks on Trump. “Fake news”, news perceived as misleading, false or biased by the American people, is a reality. We are all drowning in it.

    “Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low”
    “The Public Isn’t Buying Press Credibility”

    There are lots of reasons for the public’s growing distrust in the media, which most of us can easily elaborate upon.

    1. The “MSM” truly took a dive thanks to the rise & reign of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’… The US President with NO REAL background.
      I NEVER saw the “MSM” seriously look into/question Obama’s shallow background & so called political career…?
      WTF was he allowed to run and win in 2008…?

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