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Beto: “This Country Was Founded on White Supremacy”

Man, this guy just gets worse and worse. Even the Democrats are onto him, aware that he’s an empty suit that will take years more of experience to fill. He’s nowhere in the polls. What a pandering idiot.

Below are a few of your favorite white supremacists. Evil people, to be sure. Probably Trump fans.

14 thoughts on “Beto: “This Country Was Founded on White Supremacy””

  1. The people who founded our country were mostly English immigrants who discriminated against everyone else for years, even those who looked exactly like they did, but were born in another country.
    Our beautiful Constitution made every attempt to right that wrong, and with subsequent Amendments clarified that all are to be considered ‘equal’.
    While Dems continue to smear the good of America, we stand for equality in ways that most of the current immigrants have never experienced in their lives.
    This weird Beto guy should go back home and practice acting normal so as not to frighten anyone.

  2. Simply put, my family came here in 1620. They came as outcasts from Britain.
    Ancestors and relatives have fought in every conflict this nation has fought in. Ancestors have been slave holders and traders. Moonshiners and rum runners. Some parts of the family are very successful. Others less so.
    The point is that my ancestors are among those that came here and helped make the greatest nation in history out of nothing. When they first got here there was absolutely nothing.
    I have been known to tell folks we stole this land fair and square…developed it and opened up opportunity for anyone that would work to succeed.
    This white supremacist shit is just that.

  3. Let’s see. He tried getting his teeth cleaned for all to view…can jump on tables like a kangaroo..maybe mud wrestling would do the a Speedo or something with purple hair!

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