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Bill Clinton Tries to Distance Himself from His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein? Never heard of him!

Flying around the world with a man able to procure lots of young woman? I doubt that was appealing to Bill Clinton. Of course not!

According to the Daily Mail:

Bill Clinton broke his silence on his former associate Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest for sex trafficking on Monday to distance himself from the convicted pedophile and say he knew nothing of the new charges against him.    

In 2007, he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in a sweetheart deal in Florida which involved him spending a year in a low-restriction detention center. 

Before that conviction, he and Clinton had socialized together and the former president flew on one of his private jets four times. Epstein also donated to The Clinton Foundation. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, was present at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding three years later.  

She has been accused in multiple lawsuits of having helped Epstein create a sex ring filled with underage girls, with one filing alleging that Epstein sexually assault victims with Maxwell’s ‘assistance and participation.’ 

This was also after a number of underage victims in Florida had stated that Maxwell promised them educational and modeling opportunities if they acquiesced to her demands, with one comparing her and Epstein to an ‘organized crime family’  in her court filing.

13 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Tries to Distance Himself from His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein”

  1. Well it all depends what “never heard of him” means. Get “it”?

    One story was Clinton flew on the jet and secret service agents were not with him.
    Another thing I saw was Epstein was neighbor of Trump in Palm Beach. Epstein was barred from Mar-a-Largo after he made a move on an 18 year old.

  2. According to flight records, Billy Clinton flew to various locations with Epstein on Epstein’s jet 27 times. Maybe Billy is losing his memory? ;+}

  3. Notice how the press is doing anything and everything to try to pin this guy on Trump … while ignoring the obvious connections to their preferred politicians.

  4. Democrats and the three major networks called on Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to step down for what is called an “unconscionable agreement” with Jeffrey Epstein, charged by the FBI with sex trafficking in New York City federal court 2008.

    No one mentions this required the head of the FBI to approve the ‘agreement’. That FBI head was Robert Mueller.

  5. His private life is his and private. Guess its that vast right wing conspiracy kicking in again. The Clintons are immune to any kind of responsibility, no matter what it is. Going to rape island, no problem. It’s all private. What a joke.

    1. Jimmy Carter set the precedent for haters, traitors, & cowards of America to get away with filth, lies, & murders when he granted amnesty to the flag burning draft-dodgers of the Vietnam War.

  6. Lady Justice — She too can be bought or coerced.

  7. Apparently, Clinton was on Epsteins jet 25+ times.
    That doesn’t mean that Clinton knew what Epstein was up to. It does mean, if Clinton didn’t know he’s probably pissed about not being included…

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