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White House Press Room Floods During DC Storm

I doubt most of you will be chagrined to hear this.

There was a sudden torrential rain in Washington, and the basement section of the White House press room flooded.

This is neither unusual nor surprising. Remember, the White House is, in the end, just another federal building.

I like how it is characterized as “White House basement” flooding. The reporters only know about the press room. I imagine the Situation Room is nice and dry. At least, I guess it is.

7 thoughts on “White House Press Room Floods During DC Storm”

  1. It really was pouring in DC, though.

    Remind me: is it frogs, locusts, darkness, or flies that’s supposed to be next? Thing is, if it’s boils, I don’t think anyone will notice, given how many ugly people there are in DC.

    I still have a few friends there, though, so I really hope the Big Guy’s not going to jump straight to death of the firstborn…

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