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Classy American Fans in Lyon Start Yelling “F**k Trump” on Fox News

If conservatives did this to Barack Obama, there’d be much talk about how primitive right-leaning people are.

11 thoughts on “Classy American Fans in Lyon Start Yelling “F**k Trump” on Fox News”

  1. Can someone explain the hatred, the vile comments directed at PresidentTrump by sports figures?
    The attitudes to MrTrump and our Flag by the women on this team is outrageously offensive and off-putting.

    1. They do nothing except polish the useless skill that gave them fame and fortune.

      They aren’t the brightest bulbs in the carton.

      One way of side-stepping the endless competition is to have a common enemy around whom to bond. In this case it’s Donald Trump. It also creates instant “friendships” with other maturity-losers.

      Sports are just entertainment. What I just said pretty much goes for the “talent” in the film industry, too.

    1. jimg,
      “infants, foul -mouthed infants”
      Yep, that sums it up pretty well.
      Stick a pacifier in their mouths to shut them up.

  2. These he/‘women’ are not Americans – they are amerikans in mentality & were defeated by a teenage-boys’ soccer team. They are a disgrace to their gender, families, country, & Creator. Too bad banishment is not practiced in the halls of justice.

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