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Trump Fourth of July Event Cost About as Much as an Obama Hawaii Vacation

So President Trump wants to lead a celebration of the Fourth of July, and all of a sudden liberals are worried about government spending.

The press and the talking heads couldn’t stop jabbering about the cost. But all the money devoted to the event, including a patriotic speech by the president and several grand military flyovers in honor of our servicemen and women, cost about the same amount of Barack and Michelle Obama’s annual vacation to Hawaii.

And nobody in the press, except me, ever complained about this obvious and complete waste of money by the Obamas.

There is no reason Obama couldn’t have taken a perfectly nice winter vacation to Florida, at far lower cost. “Oh, he’s from Hawaii!” People said. So he’s a salmon who must return to his spawning grounds? Give me a break.

Okay, I’ve used the line before I think, but I like it.

The Washington Post reported that the National Park Service diverted about $2.5 million for Trump’s event, and the Defense Department may have spent another $2 million.

Air Force One at the time Obama took most of his trips cost about $180,000 an hour to fly. Based on an estimated 18 hours roundtrip flying time for the jet between Washington and Honolulu, the travel cost alone of Obama’s vacations amounted to around $3.24 million. And that doesn’t include numerous other costs, including flying all kinds of material — like the motorcade — and staff and security out to Hawaii.

Once, Obama even doubled the flying cost by flying there and back twice.

The press is very selective in what it gets outraged about. And these days, it always selects Trump.

14 thoughts on “Trump Fourth of July Event Cost About as Much as an Obama Hawaii Vacation”

  1. Yesterday, PresidentTrump showed our enemies what we have in our arsenal, and reassured our allies/friends that we are ready and capable to protect them if the need arises. He revealed to the American public just how special and well-armed our military is today in case the need arises to protect our interests.
    The Dems/MSM (same thing)would find fault with anything and everything that MrTrump does, says, writes, eats, wears, and breathes. Phooey on them.

    1. “Our enemies” also includes today’s Democratic party (of their own choosing)…among all of their other loony positions, they are now officially the party against parades, military flyovers and the 4th of July.

  2. …. And …. Obama trips benefitted a few handfuls of people in his family…

    The Trump event benefited thousands in DC, thousands in the military today, thousands that served in the past, and others not in these groups that are just patriotic ‘Merican citizens.

  3. I thought about all the hype and the complaining. First of all, when there are air shows at bases around the country, there are planes and equipment on display, there are flyovers by one of the military elite flying teams – all of that costs money. Politicians from the area probably attend and make hay of it and the military. Secondly, where do these Dem candidates get the talking points that it minimizes the military, is dangerous, etc. Boy that’s a head scratcher.

    We watched the speech. Before it happened – I did say to my husband – I hope he doesn’t make it political. He was confident he would not and he DIDN’T. He recognized some incredible people for things they did and they crossed ethic and gender lines. I was just at the Lincoln Memorial in early June and I am familiar with the size of the area. The crowd was huge – glad it was a success.

  4. Trump has got the American Left protesting absolutely everything, including the flag, the military, and Independence Day.

    A lot of this is canon to average Americans, and messing with canon is never a good idea, as any geek flick writer could tell you.

    There was a multilingual soda commercial during the Super Bowl a few years ago, which ran into the same problem.

    Trump went out there, in essence, to re-establish the American canon, and the Left just went ape-shit ballistic.

    You’d better BELIEVE that got noticed by the swing voters that decided 2016.

  5. Since he left the White House, Obummer has yet to return to his spawning grounds on Oahu for Christmas and Summer vacation, which he did every single year, for eight years.

    Never missed onetime when we paid for it.

    That’s one hell of a cheap piece of salmon.

  6. Ha…this article gives me flashbacks to that F-ing USELESS, BIASED SYCOPHANT “WH Press Corps” under ‘Dear Leader’ Barack Hussein Obama (08-16) when NO ONE dare question the Obama regime.

  7. I love it when politicians gnash their teeth and wring the skin off their hands over a million or two when they have trouble accounting for billions at a time…

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