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Why Can’t the President Participate in a July 4th Celebration?

Can somebody explain to me why, other than hatred of President Trump, the news media is devoting endless TV hours and print to slamming him for wanting to lead a July celebration?

He is the president of the United States. It’s July 4th. Should the Pope not say mass on Easter?

Trump’s decision to lead and expand the festivities is not the “politicization” of the Fourth, as people on the TV sets now routinely charge. It’s not even an election year.

Of course, everything a president does has a tinge of politics to it. If you don’t like that, go find a monarch. But I don’t even think politics are entering into this particularly. The president saw how the French celebrate Bastille Day, in grand style, and he wanted the same for the United States.

And for himself. Trump has a big ego, that’s no secret. So did Barack Obama, who was just more subtle about it.

I think this is going to be a fantastic Fourth. Hopefully, the opinion makers who masquerade as straight newsmen and women will get out of the way just long enough for everyone to enjoy it.

18 Responses to Why Can’t the President Participate in a July 4th Celebration?

  1. Agreed! Out here in flyover country where men still take off their ball caps when the National Anthem starts & we all put hands over hearts, we are looking forward to it!

    But I can’t resist remembering:
    “Barack Obama, who was just more subtle about it.”

    Remember his campaign speech where they built a Plastic replica of a Greek temple for him to stand on, & towed in a “full-scale replica of Air Force One fuselage” for him to make his grand entry from?

    • Remember when Obama refused to put his had over his heart when the national anthem was played when he was running for President?

      • That was sad and awful. :-( He had never developed the habit of doing it… which meant he had not been raised like other Americans his age.

        Regardless of birthplace, anyone who spends their formative years outside any country is not going to internalize that nation’s “heart”.

      • Oh gosh I had forgotten about that! Yes, that was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. A “marketing department” idea if there ever was one!

  2. The 4th is our official National holiday and should be celebrated. Everything isn’t political. All of a sudden people are worried about costs. Let us all enjoy our holiday. Kids can celebrate the joy of a parade and fireworks. People who go to D.C. to experience our country will be thrilled to watch a parade and fireworks. Move on people.

  3. Not to mention the complaints about the military participating. The military WON THE REVOLUTION!!!!

    This celebration shows the Democrats and the media’s true colors: they hate America and they hate the military.

  4. A bit OT, I love how you used “TV sets” Keith. It brings back a time when patriotism was shared by all of us in America. (Including my Italian immigrant grandpa)

  5. Agreed: Democrats have shown that they care nothing for our country and actively dislike the military.

    Now: what can we do to shame them out of the spotlight they so dearly love? Especially as we’ll be going up against a media that delights in their dubious pronouncements.

    When a giant corporation is controlled by a pipsqueak like Colin Kaopectate or whatever his name is, it is … worrisome.

  6. Who cares what the hell they say. The left should be ignored.
    Maybe one day their knee jerk reactions will be so violent that they will knock themselves out cold.

  7. You knew ppl would be “triggered” by this. Some ppl can’t get through the day without being offended by something. Good for President Trump in doing this. For the ones worrying about the money, where have you been the last $21 Trillion worth of spending?