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Biden Goes Into Damage Control After Debate Fiasco

A desperate Joe Biden is already contradicting himself as he tries to put the pieces back together after getting taking apart by Kamala Harris.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden sought to reverse damage inflicted at the Democratic debate by California Sen. Kamala Harris over his decades-old anti-busing efforts. 

Harris on Thursday night had singed the former vice president over his busing record and recent boasting of working productively with segregationist-era senators. 

“Thirty seconds to 60 seconds on the campaign debate exchange can’t do justice to a lifetime committed to civil rights,” Biden said Friday at a labor event hosted by Jesse Jackson. “I want to be absolutely clear about my record and position on racial justice including busing. I never, never, ever opposed voluntary busing … I’ve always been in favor of using federal authority to overcome state initiated segregation.” 

His comments to the Chicago audience contrast the explanation he gave during the Democratic primary debate Thursday night, where he defended his decision to opposing busing efforts because they would be “ordered by the Department of Education.”

23 thoughts on “Biden Goes Into Damage Control After Debate Fiasco”

  1. I could be totally off base, but I just do not see the Democrats going with the Gaffe Master as their nominee.
    Now who will rise to the top is a mystery at this point. None of them are particularly coherent, but they have to pick one.
    Reminds me of when the GOP nominated Bob Dole and again with McCain and Romney. All losers or stinkers.

    1. I think you’re right. And Harris’ assignment last night was to blow up Joe Biden, and she did. They (the DNC or whatever group is actually running the Democrat presidential campaign) wanted Biden out of the way and Harris said, “I can do that”. There’s lots of nasty intrigue going on behind closed doors in the deep recesses of the Democrat party that the corporate media won’t report on, or even show any interest in the nasty internal stuff in the Democrat party. But you can be sure they know about it.

      I’m convinced “they”–the fat cat Democrat donors calling the shots in the D campaign– want Bernie Sanders out of the picture as well, because they hasn’t got a chance of a snowball in hell of defeating Trump in 2020 and being elected President.

      The fact that Harris, who tries to pass herself off as a “Black” person in a way that insinuates she’s part of the long, sad history of Black people in the US is actually part Tamil Indian and part Jamaican. Her parents were very successful, upper middle class, professionals. There’s no ghetto in Kamala.
      So there’s Kamala Harris, passing herself off as an up from the streets Black, which she is most decidedly not. She an ambitious politician who will do anything it takes to win. Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown admitted his extramarital affair with Harris and, as a reward for her giving him a little lovin’, used his position as mayor to open doors for Harris when they slept together. That’s the real Kamala Harris.

        1. That’ll be in the next debate. “Senator Harris, do you acknowledge that your rise to power came at the expense of Mayor Willie Brown’s wife? How does sleeping your way to power help feminism?”

  2. “Who will rise to the top”?
    My money is on “Heels Up Kamala”
    See what I did?
    Rise to the top via heels up.

  3. But it’s not like Harris was being entirely on the up-and-up herself.

    I for one wasn’t aware she graduated from a high school in Quebec. Nor is that the only morsel from this piece.

    1. An interesting piece, indeed. The full truth about Harris and her, er, subjective version of the truth has to come out eventually. One would think. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the DNC, Big Time Donors and others who rule the Democratic party will decide (have decided?) that Harris is the candidate they will support. The others will dry up like last week’s moths. She’s a female, she’s of mixed race, she’s brazen and will twist the truth about her life as needed at any given time. In that sense, she is very much like Obama, and is being managed as such right now.

      The plan might be that Harris’s handlers think that Trump will go easy on her–because she’s female and of mixed race– give her more space for fear of being hammered by the media if he criticizes her, etc. We’ve watched Trump long enough to know he will expose her every lie, goof-up and misstep–which are plentiful. And he’ll do it so effectively, she Harris won’t remember what planet she’s living on.
      This is going to be very interesting.

        1. Agree. The corporate media will happily promote the narrative the fanatic Democrats, their candidates and storytellers tell the media to promote. It worked for Obama and they hope it works for her. The image that Harris and her besotted supporters in the media promote is that she was a poor Black ghetto kid who somehow managed to climb to her present status with grit and courage is completely false, as we know. But much of the corporate media continue to peddle it.

  4. It was obvious that he was blind-sided by the Harris attack. After a lifetime of being coddled by the Dems and 8 years of being petted by the MSM, he thought he was untouchable.

    Now he knows what it’s like to be called a “racist” without any evidence to the contrary.
    Welcome to our world, Joe.

    1. He deserves it after his “they’re gonna put y’all back in chains” comment about Romney/Ryan during the 2012 campaign.

  5. I’d image this is what Hillary is thinking.

    “Harris better not get elected and break the glass ceiling. That is my job.”

  6. I thoroughly enjoy watching Democrats eat their own . Its like the Gladiators in Rome. In the end there will only two left standing and with identity politics ruling the day something tells me some poor provocateur is going to get burned.Oh well.

  7. The kicker is that Biden was being pushed as the steady hand with crossover appeal. If he goes, and if Harris subsequently flames out after taking the lead, then who’s left but the far left?

      1. She’d be easy prey against PDJT.

        He’d let her have it, nonstop, on all fronts. Before the debates, not a soul in America, would NOT know about her knack for using nookie to advance her career.

        And I don’t know if she’s really got enough of a guiding philosophy, beyond the politics of personal destruction.

        So…heads she loses, tails she wins?

        Would Songbird have gone there? Would Mittens?

        The questions answer themselves, do they not?

  8. If she were old enough the media would be pushing Ocassionaly-Cortex for President the same way they pushed that nobody Obama into the White House.

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