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Trump Schedule || Friday, June 28, 2019

7:30 pm || Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Osaka, Japan
8:15 pm || Meets with Abe and Indian Prime Minister Modi; Osaka, Japan
8:35 pm || Meets with Modi; Osaka, Japan
9:30 pm || Meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Osaka, Japan
11:00 pm || Participates in the G20 leaders’ special event on the Digital Economy
11:20 pm || Participates in a G20 working lunch on the Global Economy, Trade, and Investment; Osaka, Japan
1:00 am || Meets with Russian President Putin; Osaka, Japan
2:30 am || Meets with Brazilian President Bosonaro; Osaka, Japan
5:35 am || Participates in the G20 cultural program; Osaka, Japan

All times Eastern, which is 13 hours behind Japanese time

6 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Friday, June 28, 2019”

  1. PresidentTrump is overseas being Presidential and his Dem opponents are in Miami trying to see who could be the most obnoxious, trying, and who could adopt an agenda that most Americans detest.
    A more unappealing, unlikeable, disagreeable bunch of political junkies could not be found anywhere but on that stage.
    As a registered Dem, I’m going to have to choose who to vote for in the upcoming Primary election next year. So far it’s a tossup between the Asian guy and the woman novelist. At the least, they seemed like nice people.

    1. srdem, I don’t really understand how that works. Even if you are a registered Democrat, can’t you vote for a Republican? If not, why not? If you no longer support one party, can’t you switch your allegiance? Just curious, as American politics are very different from ours, here in Canada.

      1. Each state is different. If you are in Florida you have to state which party you belong to. If you are independent you do not get a primary ballot. In Texas you can cross party lines and vote in either party’s primary.

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