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Video || Attorney General Barr Plays the Bagpipes

No, I don’t like him any less because of it.

Sorry if you like them, those things are quite grating, IMO.

Just imagine living next door to the Barr household when he was a kid as he learned to play them. The only thing worse than listening to bagpipes must be listening to someone playing bagpipes and making mistakes.

9 Responses to Video || Attorney General Barr Plays the Bagpipes

  1. Sorry, Keith. I disagree with your assessment of bagpipes.

    The marching pipers at any Scottish games I have attended are beautiful. Bagpipe playing at my uncle’s burial brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

    My husband took lessons, but didn’t continue. They are difficult to play.

    • Yes- the sound of bagpipes is sobering & haunting- a unique ‘whine’ accompanied by a deep drone that penetrates into the soul- lonely but commanding music that is upright from an organic people who are strong in work & war & are worthy.

  2. That was great! I love bagpipe music. My mother was Scottish and I fondly remember going to the Highland Games (in Ontario, Canada) as a child. The bagpipes are beautiful and AG Barr played them very well indeed.