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AOC: Trump Will Beat the Democrats if They Nominate Biden

Actually, Trump will beat the Democrats if AOC keeps talking.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez predicted President Trump will be reelected if Democrats nominate Joe Biden to challenge him in 2020. 

The New York congresswoman said Biden, the front-runner in the Democratic presidential primary, is “not a pragmatic choice” because he could repel more liberal Democrats while appealing to Trump voters. 

“That’s my frustration with politics today, that they’re willing to give up every single person in America just for that dude in a diner,” she told Vogue. “Just so that you can get this very specific slice of Trump voters? If you pick the perfect candidate like Joe Biden to win that guy in the diner, the cost will make you lose because you will depress turnout as well. And that’s exactly what happened to 2016. We picked the logically fitting candidate, but that candidate did not inspire the turnout that we needed.”

12 thoughts on “AOC: Trump Will Beat the Democrats if They Nominate Biden”

  1. What? ‘dude in a diner’.
    Yes. We felt like MrTrump was just another ‘dude in a diner’ and that’s why we voted for him. uh huh.

  2. Hi Keith. The Washington Examiner link to the article did not work. Can you fix so we can open the article? Thank you, Keith.

  3. When the hell did a FRESHMAN congresswoman with less than six months experience become a power broker? This just shows that Pelosi, Hoyer, and all the other old fossils have lost control of the party.

  4. ot: maybe
    The first Dem debate will be held tonight. yay.
    I’ll be watching. Still a registered Dem, who gets my vote in the Primary election next year will depend on the who promises ME the most freebies, if any.

    1. Good grief.
      They are promising things that Congress can do, but doesn’t.
      They are promising things that the President can’t do.

  5. The next time a Democrat wins it will be the end of our Republic. They will grant an amnesty to the tens of millions of illegals and register them to vote.

    Then this moron will be President:

    Personally, I think she’ll be on their ticket in 2024 after Trump’s second term. Would like to see Pence but it has been very rare that a VP gets elected after a two term President.

      1. The American people don’t like political dynasties. Hence the poor showing of Jeb! What did he spend, something like a million dollars for every vote he got?

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