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Video || Trump Takes Time out of Campaign Kickoff Rally to Honor Sarah Sanders

President Trump offered a tremendous tribute Tuesday night to Sarah Sanders, a woman who has been unfairly maligned and whose family has been attacked because of her role as a spokeswoman for the White House.

I’ve covered many presidents and dealt with many press secretaries. Every reporter knows and accepts that the job of a press secretary is to put the best face on events for the president. To that end, they ALL make statements that are misleading. They have to. They omit certain facts, offer up information intended to make people think something is true that is not quite right, and exaggerate.

They all do it. But not all of them have had to testify before a prosecutor about their statements.

But under Sander, the press suddenly decided that it needed absolute gospel truth from a press secretary, and shamefully tagged her as a liar. She at one point, as she admitted to special prosecutor Robert Mueller, exaggerated the opposition to James Comey in the FBI. For that, reporters are seeking to eternally brand her a liar.

I hope they were all able to keep their doctor if they liked their doctor and keep their insurance if they liked their insurance under Obamacare. I hope so.

10 thoughts on “Video || Trump Takes Time out of Campaign Kickoff Rally to Honor Sarah Sanders”

  1. From the expression on her face, we think she was genuinely surprised at the support from the supporters who chanted “Sarah Sarah..”. She may not have been aware of the outrage expressed by us yokels to each other in fly-over country when she was unable to enjoy dinner at a restaurant, and the constant insults thrown at her from all corners of the Dem insane asylum known as the Resistance.

    We don’t have a public voice, we don’t get to step up to the microphone, we’re silenced on social media, and all the while we secretly and silently dig deeper into MAGA country.

    1. Jussie Smollett must be kicking himself for inventing the “MAGA country” phrase. LOLOLOL — I’m glad the ass with his hate crime against Trump supporters actually produced a great slogan for us.

  2. Well said srdem- Just heard on a Christian radio station that President Trump raised over 19 MILLION dollars last night during and after the announcement that he was running again. MAGA

    We love you Sarah

  3. She had her hands full with 90% of the press coverage negative to Trump. Compare Sarah with Clinton’s Dee Dee Meyer. Laughable.

    Trump might as well just not replace Sarah.

  4. Sarah did extremely well under the circumstances.
    I’m sure she will enjoy being out of the spotlight for awhile, and get to know her kids again.

    Well done Sarah !!!

  5. Keith,
    There was a “White House Press Corps” during the Obama years…???
    Strange, for 8 long years NO ONE in that “press corps” EVER asked the hard & challenging questions I always had about Obama and his regime…

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