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Trump Raises $24M in 24 Hours

That is what’s known as a “torrid pace.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted out the news earlier today.

You’ve lately been noticing lots of polls suggesting Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden would beat President Trump by 10 points. Those polls, despite being enthusiastically covered in the press, are completely meaningless, and the reporters on the TV sets talking about them know it.

It’s very early, and Trump is just starting his campaign. All the Democrats are focused on him, while he has nobody specific to aim at. Such polls historically have had no bearing on who actually wins.

Meantime, Trump is going to raise reams of money from his ardent supporters. This is just getting started.

7 Responses to Trump Raises $24M in 24 Hours

  1. ol’ Joe is beating MrTrump?!! oh noes, I must send the Trump campaign some money.
    or so it goes.

    Here’s the rub with phone polling: Unless you have a ‘burner’ phone, your name is associated with that phone the pollster calls. A lot of people are wary of giving their name to support for Trump, especially if they work for certain industries or companies.