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Video || First Lady Melania Trump Visits the United Kingdom

Yes, it’s propaganda, but some very nice visuals here.

8 Responses to Video || First Lady Melania Trump Visits the United Kingdom

  1. I admire Melania Trump. She did not spend her life hoping one day to step into the role of a politiian’s wife — much less hold that role on the international stage. And, unlike Michelle Obama, who whine about not getting paid for being First Lady, Mrs. Trump has accepted the burden of the role and handled it with beautiful grace and intelligence.

    • This is the trip that Rachel Maddow described as a “Careening circus of pratfall embarrassments”. I don’t know what she was watching.

  2. the MSM will find fault with this, somehow. But every first lady should act and present herself as well as Mrs. Trump. Someday there will be a first man. And he can take a cue from Melania on presence and etiquette


  3. Without a doubt, the best looking First Lady of the United States (with the possible exception of Jackie) and in two and a half years, she has NEVER had the cover of any Fashion mag in America.

    No bias. No hatred. Just coincidence.