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Trump Attacks Chamber of Commerce for opposing his Tariff Policies

President Trump Monday assailed the citadel of establishment Washington, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, criticizing its opposition to his advocacy of tariffs as a policy tool.

“We lose a fortune with virtually every country. They take advantage of us in every way possible and the U.S. Chamber is right there with them,” Trump told CNBC. “I assume — I am a member with the U.S. Chamber. Maybe I’ll have to rethink that. Because, when you look at it, the chamber is probably more for the companies and the people that are members than the country.”

This is exactly why Trump was elected president. It was to look at things other than businesses’ bottom line, and to stop the offshoring of jobs and companies and the hunger for cheap labor — whether overseas through offshoring or in the United States via unlimited immigration.

The Chamber’s view is short term. Trump’s is about preserving U.S. jobs and the culture. Washington still doesn’t get that.

13 thoughts on “Trump Attacks Chamber of Commerce for opposing his Tariff Policies”

  1. If Jeb! or Romney or McCain were President, they would sit up, bark, or roll over to the Chamber of Commerce’s orders.

    Trump knows why he was elected and is doing something the people elected him want done.

    1. I know the small thinkers in the GOP are doing succession planning after DJT’s second term. Too bad they are probably seeking out another establishment puke.

      1. Who will lose the way RomNot and McLame lost.

        The next dhimmicrap will give amnesty to all the illegals and let the rest of Mexico in. Game over after that. The U.S. will become a one party dictatorship.

  2. Granted, a higher tariff on Mexican produce will affect a lot of us, but the big losers would be the big corporations that moved to Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor.

    We all understand why the poor people of South America would want to join us here. If we were born there too, then we would want to immigrate to a better place to raise our families, where a future could be to better all of us.
    But. LEGAL immigration is the only way to go.

    1. Put a moratorium on legal immigration for 5 years. We are letting in a million people a year – legally – most from 3rd world ****holes.

    2. At the rate the USA is going (thanks to the Democrat-Socialists, the biases-shallow ‘MSM’ & establishment Republicans) I need to think of a better place to immigrate too…

  3. And the Chamber of Commerce supports the flooding of our marketplace with willing slave labor known as illegals.

    I suppose there have always been those who view our nation as nothing more than a convenient opportunity for their personal aggrandizement, but it seems to have become a common attitude.

    Why not? We no longer encourage patriotism nor teach it in our schools.

  4. The president of the C of C in my fair city of about 700,000 lives in same neighborhood as me. This guy takes kickbacks from all. He had an 0bama sign up when he ran. Case closed;)

  5. These rat bastards at the Chamber of Commerce have been at it for a long while. They represent cheap labor. Period. They stopped helping small business years ago. Think globalism when you think of them.

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