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Wolff: Bannon Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Looks like Steven Bannon is none to happy about being excluded from President Trump’s orbit and losing his Breitbart gig over his comments about Trumps’s family in Michael Wolff’s first book, “Fire and Fury.”

So now, he’s cooperated extensively with Wolff for his second book, “Siege.” And the result is not pretty.

Too bad Bannon talks to sleaze bags like Wolff. It’s a big mistake, one that cost him his relationship with Trump. Bannon is a smart, savvy guy. I don’t get the strategy here.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon believes President Trump obstructed justice, according to author Michael Wolff.

“Do you think Steve Bannon believes that the president obstructed justice?” CNN’s John Berman asked.

“Yes,” Wolff said. “Now I would say that Steve Bannon would go and characterize this as, that’s Donald Trump. So, I mean, the Steve Bannon view is partly, you know what this guy is, there’s never been any, any illusion otherwise. He’s Donald Trump. That’s the man you elected. A man who cannot, literally cannot, tell the truth.”

Wolff also commented on a part of his book that focused on Trump’s business empire. Wolff wrote that Trump’s businesses “increasingly seemed to resemble a semi-criminal enterprise.” Bannon replied, “I think we can drop the ‘semi’ part.”

7 thoughts on “Wolff: Bannon Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice”

  1. Michael Wolf is a lying sack of shit, and I’m devastated that at least 702 people in America will see this interview on CNN.

  2. If there is a way to profit off Trump, they will find it. Truth is not the goal, profit is. Consider that every time a weasel squeaks and it all seems to make more sense.

    ps.. K, things or thinks?


  3. Oh, p-lease. Is he suggesting that the Trump organization is involved in nefarious criminal activities without any oversight by the FBI, CIA, HSA, OSHA, ATF, DOE, EPA, IRS, SEC, and the rest of the government alphabet?
    Sour grapes, sore loser, scorned, and friendless, he finds his revenge in putting forward something no one but Dems and the rest of the anti-Trumps will find amusing.

    1. Yep! Doesn’t matter MSM will lap up every word. :(

      Of note…Henry Holt & Company is the publisher of this piece of garbage. Hard to believe any reputable company would touch Wolfe, unless they are Never Trumpers/Deep Staters or both.

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