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Video || Trump, Queen Elizabeth Exchange Toasts

Toward the end of the video, you’ll notice President Trump breaches etiquette twice, touching the queen and then clinking glasses. She didn’t seem to mind.

3 Responses to Video || Trump, Queen Elizabeth Exchange Toasts

  1. I was noticing how animated she was when they were at the exhibit of Americana earlier today. Queen Elizabeth and President Trump carried on a lively interchange. I think she likes him a lot, and enjoys their company.

  2. You would have thought the State Dept. would have schooled Trump about proper etiquette among the Royals. I remember when Michelle put her hand on the Queen’s back. Even I know that was not proper.

    I recall a story about the Queen. The Queen showed how classy she is. At a dinner they provided finger bowls of water. A guest drank theirs so she drank hers.

  3. Of all the candidates who ran for the Presidency in 2016, and the modern ex-Presidents, only MrTrump has had extensive contact experience with people from all parts of the globe and every political or religious group.
    He knows and understands the protocols and taboos.
    So. No nit-picking necessary.