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Video || Trump Shakes Hands With and Salutes Every Air Force Cadet

Impeach him!

Obviously you won’t watch all of this. But I put it up to give you an idea of the energy and commitment of a president who is accused by his enemies of becoming the commander-in-chief as a publicity stunt and not caring about the details of the job, or the job itself.

Look how fresh and genuine he seems at all times. For an hour and 20 minutes, the president gives a personal touch to every graduating senior during today’s ceremony at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Not bad for someone about to turn 73.

11 thoughts on “Video || Trump Shakes Hands With and Salutes Every Air Force Cadet”

  1. It really is quite incredible to me that such a wealthy man — for decades, a very wealthy man — has retained the ability to genuine relate to those far removed from his economic circumstances. My husband met him once in the late 80s or early 90s when Trump Air was still flying to DC. My husband was part of the flight line crew and was just amazed at how genuinely nice he (Trump) was to them. Very much like President Reagan in that regard, whom my husband also met in the 80s.

  2. There is something about that guy that we saw two years ago. How does a billionaire who never pumped gas into a 3yr old car, never sees an electric bill, or has to wait in line at any government office connect with us Deplorables in fly-over country? He did. Somehow.

    There’s no doubt that his love of country, support for all our military, and concern for everyone’s future is a real thing.
    He makes us feel safe. We believe in him.

    1. Contrary to the popular media narrative – Trump’s father made him work on construction sites when he was younger. I think this gives him an appreciation of the average working Joe whose economic prospects were devastated by Bill Clinton’s trade policies (MFN, WTO) with Communist China.

  3. Yes he is the real deal, that’s why he must not be President.
    The haters are insane.
    MAGA proud of you Mr. President.

    1. Hillary would have fallen down from all the spinner she would have done, made it through about 5 cadets, and then it would have been all about her.

      OR, she would have waved to then from a pillow-laden chair.

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