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Sanders Backed a communist party During the 1980s

Some Republicans want Bernie Sanders to be the nominee, thinking he will be easily beatable.

But what if he manages to win? We already know that weird things happen.

Bernie Sanders is a hard lefty. We don’t know to what extent the extremist views he holds today are hiding even more extremist views he doesn’t talk about.

That’s why this article in the Washington Examiner is such cause for concern:

Bernie Sanders campaigned for the Socialist Workers Party in the 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns and was investigated by the FBI for his ties to the Marxist group.

Sanders has always played down the extent of his involvement with the party, which included radicals who praised the Soviet Union and Cuban communists, and has denied ever being a member. Asked in 1988 about his role as an SWP elector in 1980, he said: “I was asked to put my name on the ballot and I did, that’s true.” In fact, his ties to the party are deep and enduring.

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and United States senator from Vermont, now 77, often scoffs at comparisons between his brand of self-described “democratic socialism” and communism. In recent years, he has said he is merely interested in having the United States look more like Sweden, a social democracy with a broad welfare state but a well-functioning private sector.

But his personal files from his time as mayor of Burlington, from 1981 to 1989, archived at the University of Vermont, show that he supported and campaigned for the communist SWP and maintained a close relationship with its senior members. While Democrats campaigned for President Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Walter Mondale in 1984, Sanders spent the Reagan era supporting fringe Marxists with no chance of reaching the White House.

In 1980, Sanders “proudly endorsed and supported” Andrew Pulley, the party’s presidential candidate, who once said that American soldiers should “take up their guns and shoot their officers.” Sanders was one of three electors for Pulley on the Vermont ballot, stating in a press release: “I fully support the SWP’s continued defense of the Cuban revolution.”

Four years later, he backed and campaigned for the SWP presidential nominee Mel Mason, a former Black Panther, saying it was important for there to be “fundamental alternatives to capitalist ideology.” During the campaign, Mason praised the Russian and Chinese revolutions and said: “The greatest example of a socialist government is Cuba, and Nicaragua is right behind, but it’s still developing.”

“I think Bernie was pretty in-the-camp with us and other socialist organizations,” Mason told the Washington Examiner in an interview.

7 thoughts on “Sanders Backed a communist party During the 1980s”

  1. Lucky for us, we have a three-point system where one can’t overthrow the other two. Well, maybe the Supremes can go rogue, but that probably won’t happen.
    If this old Dodo wins the Dem nomination, the Dems will fade into the horizon for decades.

  2. And yet, with few exceptions–like the Washington Examiner–the corporate media still refuses to disclose Sanders’ Marxist background, or the extent to which he still
    incorporates the worst, anti-American elements of the poisonous Marxist philosophy in his current day to day political behavior.

  3. I want him to win just to watch all the SJW soyboys commit suicide when the 77 year old white guy beats Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Pete Buttplug and all the other “diverse” candidates.

  4. America has existed within a leftist/communist matrix since & including FDR. The commercial ‘entertainment/news media’ & ‘education’ ,since WWI, are slanted to discredit Constitutional America – particularly ‘America 1st’ individuals- in whatever slanderous, murderous way possible & to exalt ‘democratically equal ‘amerka’. No one should think that ‘America’ still exists as a viable national energy when the mass mental input has pulled the plug decades ago while ‘conservative web sites’ take pot shots at the communist monolith- if they are ‘allowed’ to remain on line. Trump does represent the majority of non -communist citizenry & it will take his authoritarian charisma to overpower the ‘gay atheist communists’- for a time. Until the communist monolith of mass commercial mental input is utterly stopped, communist amerika will carry on as it has for 100 years.

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