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Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House

Um, as they say, viewer discretion is advised.

UPDATE: The man, identified as Arnav Gupta from Bethesda, Md., has died. The motive for his self-immolation is unclear.

7 Responses to Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House

  1. The man was ill. And the two filming it disgust me more. Not one comment about how can we possibly help this poor person! and then they sold it to TMZ. Perhaps the man who died was not the only sick person in this clip

    • Sad as it is, I’m impressed the guy filming wasn’t yelling, “Hooo haaw!” and other exclamations of being entertained. The filmer was upset and believe me, that isn’t usually the case.

  2. I never saw this story mentioned on FNC yesterday…? Not even that over-the-top ‘news’ hour that Shep Smith hosts?