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Video || Hillary Calls Pelosi Video Tweeted by Trump “Sexist Trash”

Okay, the video President Trump tweeted of Nancy Pelosi was heavily edited.

But it still presents things she said and did – you know, saying “three” and holding up two fingers.

And how on earth is it “sexist”? So if you mock a woman, it’s by definition sexist. I think that women can handle themselves and don’t need the protection of a false label.

Especially the woman who is second-in-line to the presidency. Is mocking her sexist? Should we just not bother her, even though she’s extraordinarily powerful?

Here’s Hillary, using fully loaded terms to try to get some attention. She’s so disingenuous and pathetic.

But don’t count her out. I had a dream the other night — yes, us pathetic political types dream about such things — that the 2020 Democratic convention was deadlocked and she suddenly swept in and got the nomination.

It could happen. I’m sure it’s what she’s angling for.

Here she is. Oh, that annoying voice. Sorry to do this to you.

Here’s the “sexist” video Trump tweeted.

If trump said “three” and held up two fingers, they’d be invoking the 25th Amendment.

16 thoughts on “Video || Hillary Calls Pelosi Video Tweeted by Trump “Sexist Trash””

  1. After 8 years where everything was “racist” if it wasn’t adoring or worshipful to the Obamas, America isn’t ready for the “sexist” charge.

  2. Everyone needs to chill. Nancy Pelosi is very difficult to watch and listen to. I don’t care if it was edited. They all do it. The women in our office are unmerciful to the men. It’s all done in jest. It’s not indecent or improper just great ribbing. Too bad the world has forgotten about humor and silliness.

      1. Sherlockian Devotee here:
        Daffy’s elixir possesses extraordinary powers in purifying the blood and working off all phlegms, humours, vapours, or rheums.
        Micah Clarke|Arthur Conan Doyle

        You may be right in the Brit style spelling that the Dems have no sense of how horrible their “humours” are to us.

  3. “Yes, us pathetic political types dream about such things…”

    Working too hard, are we? Hope you’ll be resting up this weekend, if so.

  4. I never count the Clintons out. Hillary drew strength from her time in the woods and still believes that she is destined to be Queen Hillary I of the U.S.

    Dreams really do come true, you’re right, Keith, though many of us would call this one a nightmare.

    1. She is just not going away. I thought for sure that she would get in the 2020 race. Glad she hasn’t but it sure feels like something is up. Maybe it is just the desire for all the Dems to “kiss the ring” of the Clintons

      1. I think she is hoping that the Democratic convention will deadlock with the 20+ candidates in the race and the party will turn to her to “save the day.” And there are enough Dummycraps that want a 2016 do-over that it could happen.

  5. Clearly she’s not going to go away until someone puts a wooden stake through her heart and buries her in a crossroads. Wasn’t that the punishment for Dracula or Salem witches or someone?

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