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Kellyanne Conway says Pelosi Treats Her Like the Maid

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest people in Congress. And that’s saying something.

Apparently, she’s treating Kellyanne like a peasant.

According to the Washington Examiner:

White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday morning, claiming Pelosi treats her like she might treat the help.

“I believe she’s the sixth, or so, richest member of Congress, and she behaves that way,” Conway told reporters gathered on the White House driveway. “She treats me as she might treat her maid or her pilots or her makeup artists or her wardrobe consultants.”

Conway’s comments came after Pelosi, during an ill-fated infrastructure meeting on Wednesday in which President Trump abruptly walked out, reportedly told Conway she spoke to the president and not his staff. “I told her, ‘Gee, that’s so pro-woman of you,'” Conway said.

8 Responses to Kellyanne Conway says Pelosi Treats Her Like the Maid

  1. Pill O sea……..what a joke of a person, rich bitch and seems to be out of it.
    Too old
    Pick one
    No very coherent , hard to follow her speech’s

  2. In some ways, MrsPelosi is being hammered just like the Dems are going after President Trump.
    The Youth Gang is loud and mouthy making statements she can’t defend or control, the rest of her people seem to be hiding under their desks.
    All of them will have to face re-election next year and it will be ugly.

    • Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, et al are dinosaurs. And the asteroid is on its way. Occasionally-Cortex, Omar, and Tlaib are the future. And the old farts know and don’t like power slipping from their grasp.

  3. Nancy, Nancy, … Nancy….. Please look in the mirror gal, you have lost your hutzpah. This hanging on for dear life attempt to keep your seat is a sad way to end your career.. Go out with grace and dignity… you look like a soccer mom trying to be cool in front of her teenage daughters…its pathetic.

  4. Glad to see someone is finally standing up to the Democrat bullies in Congress. If Jeb! or Romney were President they would be apologizing at how “rudely” the speaker was treated and fire the staffer.