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Gillibrand: I Wouldn’t Detain Anybody at All

Yes, actually, let’s just release everybody into the country. And then have another amnesty in ten years.

Also, let’s start advertising in Latin America: Come to the United States, tell a judge you’ll show up when you’re supposed to, and then forget about it.

Well, I guess, not too much different than what we’ve got going on now.

The race to the left on the Democrat side continues.

6 Responses to Gillibrand: I Wouldn’t Detain Anybody at All

  1. All of the Dems, especially her, should thank Donald Trump for winning the Presidency. If Hillary would have won, Gillibrand and all the rest would still be “who’s that?”.

  2. A stupid female in a position of ‘authority’. But then there are as many stupid males as there are stupid females in ‘politics’ thanks to ‘equality’. Too bad the ‘battle of the sexes’ no longer exists – where men & women would thus sharpen one another.

  3. Gillibrand doesn’t have to worry. After all, the illegals won’t be living in her gated lily-white community. She won’t even see them except as gardeners and lawn mowers. And her kids in private schools won’t have to rub shoulders with the children of illegals.

    I’ve noticed that the more liberal someone is, the bigger hypocrite they tend to be.