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Video || Joe Biden’s Marble-mouthed Campaign Performance

Joe Biden has two problems with respect to his quest for the presidency. One, he’s an old man. Two, he looks and sounds like and old man.

Compared to Bernie Sanders, who looks as screwball as he always has but seems robust, Biden is frail and mangles his words, even more than he used to. It’s not a good look. And I don’t know how he’s going to get through a grueling presidential campaign.

9 Responses to Video || Joe Biden’s Marble-mouthed Campaign Performance

  1. Funny thing about us old fogeys – some of us keep chugging along, others shuffle along and the rest just sit there.
    Being old doesn’t mean frail, young people can be frail, too. Same goes for stupid, or crazy or just about any thing.
    All the polls say that Biden is leading the pack of Dems, but he has name recognition and he’s not known for being openly socialist or even ultra-liberal.
    The Dems should pay attention to the polls and quit worrying about AOC and her minions who only speak for the outer limits of the Dem Party.

    • Dont forget, Joe as VP got him a special commission in USNR…a year later as an OFFICER he gets kicked out for failing a drug test.
      (being a USN Vet that gets to me :-(

  2. Besides looking and sounding old, Biden has to work at not just being himself….no hugging, kissing, and sniffing! That’s not easy.

  3. Another issue with Biden: he seems to have no interest in explaining his policies about the economy, domestic issues, illegal immigration and our border issues, international relations, i.e. dealing with the issues in the Mid-East, Russia and China, Africa, our NATO allies, etc. There’s nothing from Biden on these or any other issues a President wrestles with every day. Biden offers nothing. All he has is a convoluted “I’m not Trump” mantra which he seems to think is all he needs to become President. The only reason he’s polling ahead of the other Democrat candidates is name recognition. No one knows or cares who the other Democrats are.