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Video || Beto O’Rourke Forced to Do Self-Criticism

Man, it must be tough to be a white guy in the Democratic Party running for president.

I’ve even seen Pete Buttigieg, who’s a white married gay man, accused of being “privileged.” Whatever you think of homosexuality or gay marriage, I don’t think it’s particularly easy being gay.

Anyway, this below is painful to watch, as O’Rourke grovels after saying he was “born” to run for president. ” I was attempting to say that I felt that my calling is a public service,” he said.

No he wasn’t. He was saying the same thing Barack Obama said years ago at the outset of he 2008 campaign, when Obama said something to the effect of, “I can play in this league.” He was bragging, full of himself. Not discussing “public service.”

Beto also apologized for being white, for being a man, etc., etc.

I mean, is this worth it? And of course, it begs the inevitable question, If you are privileged, is it fair that you are running for president at all?

12 thoughts on “Video || Beto O’Rourke Forced to Do Self-Criticism”

  1. This guy is a real odd duck. An Irishman who wants to be a Mexican almost unseats SenCruz but loses, then decides, hey – what the heck, let’s go for POTUS.
    There are videos out there of him jumping on top of tables or deli counters so he can wave his arms around like demented human windmill without harming anyone standing nearby, all the while spouting every Dem cliché from the last two decades.
    Like I said, an odd duck.

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