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Trump Says He Would Send Many More Than 200K Troops to Confront Iran

I’m pretty sure National Security Advisor John Bolton wants to have a war with someone. I’m just not sure yet if it’s with Iran, North Korea, or Venezuela. Or a country to be names later.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump acknowledged on Tuesday that he would consider sending 120,000 troops, or more, to the Middle East to deal with Iran, even as he called the report “fake news.”

“Would I do that? Absolutely,” Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House. “But we have not planned for that. Hopefully we’re not going to have to plan for that. And if we did that, we would send a hell of a lot more troops than that.”

The president also blasted the New York Times, which revealed that the White House was considering such a move and that Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan unveiled a plan last week which would send the 120,000 troops to the Middle East.

“I think it’s just – where was that story, in the New York Times? Well the New York Times is fake news,” Trump said. The move would come as a response to a possible attack by Iran on U.S. forces, or an acceleration of Iran’s nuclear weapons development.

7 Responses to Trump Says He Would Send Many More Than 200K Troops to Confront Iran

  1. He doesn’t have to send any troops anywhere. He knows what you don’t.
    The Iranian’s are lightweight mother ‘fer’s who only throw down when they’re facing chumps, or planting shaped charges in roads at night, or blowing up G. I. bars, or truck bombing Marine barracks. They’re world class pussies when it comes down to it. Always have been. Always will be.

  2. Bolton is a P***y who was too chicken to serve in Vietnam. Now he wants to start a war in which none of his sons or daughters will be killed. A war with Iran would be a bigger cock-up than the Iraq War. The Iranians are bluffing. They know any attack on our troops would be a disaster for them. They are just like Little Rocket Man. They want the nuclear “deal” put back in place so they can get the sanctions lifted. If Trump loses next year they know they’ll get more shipping pallets full of gold, dollars, and Euros.

    Let Israel deal with Iran.

    At least we were attacked by Afghanistan so we had a reason to go to war there. Although we’e managed to lose it by “nation building.”

    • …We should have turned Afghanistan into a glowing parking lot on Sept 12, 2001.

      Then we the USA would not have WASTED 18+ years of Blood & Treasure and American lives.

      • You got it. Detonate a nuke in the Hindu Kush and give them 72 hours to hand over Bin Laden or we’ll do it to the rest of their shithole country.

  3. After Obama’s capitulation to the Mullahs in Iran with the horrid “deal” he put in place and the shipments of billions of dollars to the regime, having a President who projects strength in the Gulf is a good thing.

    I strongly doubt the President would send in troops in the tens of thousands much less a couple hundred thousand. He could do it though and that was the point he was making to the Mullahs.

    Moving a carrier fleet to the Gulf is in the same vein, negotiate from a position of strength. Sometimes negotiation takes the form of action to supplement the words.

    I don’t think any of that is the reason for all this right now, though. There are no negotiations. I think it may be to take advantage of an Iranian uprising along the lines of what Obama ignored when he was first in office.

    The best scenario would be an uprising of the Iranian people becoming so widespread and increasingly powerful that it makes sense getting support from the U.S. military as necessary, to bring about Iranian regime change.

    If any country in the world is ready and willing for regime change that could very well create a more Western leaning democracy it is Iran. They know what it is like to be prosperous and have functioning institutions.

    I don’t believe Bolton wants war. It is not that simple to these guys. But there is nothing wrong with having a bit of aggressiveness in the decision making process.

    I heard some retired Navy guy this evening compare whats happening now to the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”, an event conjured up as a pretext for war.

    That fellow forgot to mention it was a Democrat administration of the “best and brightest” that got us into that war in a big way.

    Today’s “best and brightest” are all Marxist Democrats not Trump advisors.

    Keith, give the President a bit more credit than you seem to be doing on this issue and with the Norks.