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Trump’s New Nickname for Biden: SleepyCreepy Joe

Not sure this is the most effective epithet.

I mean, probably I shouldn’t be arguing with President Trump about branding. But I don’t care. I once got in an argument with Colin Powell about military policy. But that’s another story.

Seems to me what’s been so effective about Trump’s nicknames is that they highlight a single attribute, and then he’s relentless about it. Just “Creepy Joe” would be better, focusing everyone on the big issue with Biden.

9 Responses to Trump’s New Nickname for Biden: SleepyCreepy Joe

  1. 22 Dems by the latest count want to unseat MrTrump as POTUS. We have the gay, the poor, the angry females, the loopy females, the deluded male, the happy/loopy males, the Marxists, Socialists, Commies, Blacks, Whites, Asian, young, not so young, and really old.
    It’s still early in the game, but the Dem primary ballot will look like a roster for a 10K Marathon Race.
    Right now, Biden is in the front, Bernie trailing behind and if the Dems choose either of these two, MrTrump will win in a landslide election not seen for decades.

    As for the crazy labels that MrTrump uses for his opponents, say what you will, but they stick and cause harm.

  2. I recommend “Sleepy/Creepy/Cheapy” Joe as in an April 2010 article in the The Daily Beast stated:

    “But it should come as no surprise. In the decade before the 2008 election, while he served as a senator from Delaware and Jill Biden was a community-college teacher, the couple averaged $369 a year in charitable contributions, hovering around 0.1 percent of their income. The low point came in 1999 when they donated $120 of their $210,797 earnings and the high was only $995 in 2007. According to, a database of charitable contributions, most of the Bidens’ small gifts over the years were to the Beebe Medical Center in Delaware.”

  3. It rhymes, it’s not too long or too short, and it has a certain cadence to it. All of those attributes aid in memorability.

    The man knows a thing or two about branding, I would respectfully remind everyone…