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Trump Mimics Hillary Saying Election Was Stolen

Hillary Clinton has to be the most bitter person in America. She has actually convinced herself that she was ripped off of the presidency.

It’s like not coming to terms with a death. It will just haunt and embitter her. But there’s no way her ego will allow her to acknowledge this was her fault.

Barack Obama knows better. He’s blamed her. Of course, he has himself to blame too, but there’s another one who would never take responsibility for their actions.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump on Wednesday mocked Hillary Clinton for saying the 2016 election was “stolen” from her, rather than acknowledge her failure to campaign in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin.

The president adopted a vacuous facial expression to mimic Clinton. “Hillary Clinton is still going up, ‘Ahhh, I think they stole the election,'”Trump said at a campaign rally in Panama City, Fla. “But no, she lost. She lost,” he said. “The next time she’s gotta go to Wisconsin to campaign.”

Trump paused to allow the crowd to chant “lock her up!” before complimenting the relative savvy of former President Bill Clinton, whose advice to tend to the Midwest was reportedly rebuffed by a millennial adviser to his wife.

8 Responses to Trump Mimics Hillary Saying Election Was Stolen

  1. She could have campaigned in every ’57’ states and she still would have lost.
    She was wrong for American and nothing has changed.

  2. She’s just praying that we won’t find out what the Dems did during the Obama administration. She knows she’s going to hang if enough can’t be kicked up to make the Repubs unable to pursue the truth.

  3. She got what she had coming. Let’s go back all the way to Arkansas, where the Clinton’s were knee deep in every shady episode they could find. Took that all way to the White House, where her behavior only intensified. They used the Presidency as a blank check to be filled. Then she filled the coffers of their foundation through the state department. She had no business being in the White House. Thank God she’s not.

    • Had a friend that grew up in Little Rock. People there were well aware of what the Clintons did there. People lost lives. They were corrupt…very.