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Clapper Admits FBI Surveillance was “spying”

This is from a couple of days ago, but it is just getting noticed now.

Of course it was spying. Just like Attorney General William Barr said it was.

Now, you can deploy euphemisms. You can even argue it was justified. But you can’t say it was not spying.

5 thoughts on “Clapper Admits FBI Surveillance was “spying””

  1. FBI DirectorFray claims his agency did not spy but did “investigative activities” when they deemed it necessary.
    1. Hacking, then draining your bank account isn’t stealing – it’s a “financial transfer”.
    2. Shooting your neighbor’s ever-barking dog isn’t animal abuse, it’s “environment sound adjustment”.
    3. Calling all White people racists isn’t racist in itself, it’s “social justice”.
    4. Pointing out the radical Muslims for their violence against non-believers isn’t truth, but a example of Islamiphobe.
    5. Claiming there are only two sexes of all species is an attack on those who don’t know what sex they had been assigned before birth.
    6. Refusing to admit that you ate all but one cookie in the package, put an empty carton of milk back in the fridge, didn’t empty the garbage can as directed isn’t a crime, it’s called “childhood”.

  2. Sounds like little kids…and word games. Reminds me of a story of 20+/- years ago….

    My lovely wife to our 4 year old son “Don’t choke your little brother!”

    Son in response – “I’m not! I am just holding his neck tightly”

  3. Good catch, Keith. I suppose they didn’t like the word “spying” because it shines a critical and public light on what they were actually doing. Not calling it what it is–spying– is a good example of Orwell’s “Newspeak” from “1984”.

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