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Washington Post Manages to Criticize Trump on Economy as 263,000 Jobs Created

Biased? The press? Nahhh.

Only the Washington Post could come up with this. From its website:

Well, okay, not only the Washington Post, it’s just a phrase. Plenty of mainstream outlets would find a way to say Trump is guilty on animal cruelty on a day he adopts a kitten.

Oh, and BTW, also a gratuitous comparison to Watergate today. You know, just, why not?

7 Responses to Washington Post Manages to Criticize Trump on Economy as 263,000 Jobs Created

  1. Watergate was about covering up a crime that actually happened.
    Someone’s personal notes are not evidence of anything except that person’s understanding of what was said or what happened. They are not evidence of anything else.

    People who believe everything printed by the NYT or the Post obviously need constant reassurance that Orange Man Bad.

    • For those not aware, WAaPo was purchased by Bezo when President T was running, to use as venue to go after him. Now most/all newspapers do just that;)

  2. Watergate was a successful coup by the Democrats to undo the 1972 election.

    Iran-Contra was an unsuccessful coup attempt by the Democrats to over turn the 1984 election.

    Mueller/Russia/et al is an ongoing attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

    Watergate has become a cottage industry. As long as Woodward, Bernstein, John “The Rat” Dean, Elizabeth Holtzman, et al are alive the comparisons of every Republican “scandal” will never go away.

  3. The headline reminds me of the old joke from the 1980’s:

    If the Russians nuked us the headline in the Washington Post would be:

    “Russian’s Launch Nuclear Attack – Reagan’s Fault – Blacks and Poor Suffer Most”

  4. The Washington Post publishers, editors and reporters are guided, in their quest to destroy Trump, by the words of Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, Marshal of the Soviet Union and state security administrator, chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus under Joseph Stalin.

    Beria’s famous words to Stalin: “Show me the man you want me to arrest and I’ll find the crime he committed.”