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Video || Don Lemon Questions Sincerity of Trump Condolences for Synagogue Shooting

I dunno. This is the first president with a Jewish daughter — Ivanka is a convert — whom he adores, and his grandchildren are Jewish.

There is not limit to the things Trump’s opponents will say about him. What has he ever done of said that is anti-Semitic?

11 thoughts on “Video || Don Lemon Questions Sincerity of Trump Condolences for Synagogue Shooting”

  1. Don Lemon.
    The only people that care what he says are the never Trump haters.
    President Trump move US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Israels sovereignty of the Golan Heights.
    Yep, anti-Semitic for sure. (s)

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  3. The terrible words come so easy to them, accusations are said with confidence that they are true descriptions of MrTrump. No one points out the love he has for his extended family or for the admiration and support of all Israelis as they try to live a peaceful life.

  4. There just aren’t words. We get it – they don’t like President Trump. It reminds me of the co-worker that can never find one thing positive to say about another co-worker. It is draining.

  5. Didn’t Trump move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem?

    Didn’t Trump recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights?

    Isn’t Trump trying to increaseU.S. aid to Israel?

    WTF is wrong w/ these morons?

    What I really can’t understand is why American Jews vote for Democrats in overwhelming numbers?

    Here is what that moron AOC, the “star” of the Dhimmicratic party said recently:

  6. It doesn’t really matter if they believe it or not (I’m sure some do, some don’t), they will keep saying it (and many other untruths) in an effort to smear Trump. If you keep repeating a lie often enough and long enough, some people may believe it.

  7. What happens when a ‘political party’ is wrong on all issues except 1 & the other ‘political party’ is right on all issues except that one? (Rhetorical question.)

  8. Dude.

    Don Lemon is so hung up on his “orange man bad” neurosis, I bet he watches Formula One just so he can root against McLaren.

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