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Video || Biden Claims He Asked Obama Not to Endorse Him

Is that true? Who knows? If it is, it’s only because Biden either knew Obama would not endorse him or because, given where the Democrats are these days, an Obama endorsement would have HURT him.

Note Biden looks kind of elderly and can’t even answer the question of why he is the best Democrat in the field.

Bad start. This will not be the nominee.

The problem is, if not Biden, Bernie? Even Republicans should not want Sanders to be the nominee. A socialist should not be anywhere near the White House. Shouldn’t even be allowed to walk up Pennsylvania Avenue from Capitol Hill.

9 thoughts on “Video || Biden Claims He Asked Obama Not to Endorse Him”

  1. Three years ago, Biden and Sanders were standing tall on the Dem platform, but now find themselves barely hanging on with their fingertips after being pushed aside by the new Dems and the wave of socialist thinkers.
    Old, White, even old-school, and caught by their history of gaffes that come back to haunt them .
    With the current lineup of contenders wanting to be the Dem nominee looking like an extended version of the “Village People”, Biden, Sanders and even Warren are out of place and in the wrong time.

    1. “Village People”. Perfect!

      There’s some plan/tactic/purpose behind this gaggle of Democrat misfits and wannabees suddenly mushrooming up out of nowhere, all yelling “Look at me! Look at me!” I just can’t figure it out yet.

  2. The nominee will be somebody “diverse.” Probably Kamala Harris or “Pete.” Although both are vulnerable. Harris for her big mouth and “Pete” for South Bend which is a total dump.

    If the nominee is Bernie or some other evil white candidate the VEEP will probably be someone like Tulsi Gabbard (an unknown, attractive, veteran).

    Biden had his chance in 2016 and blew it. We all know the game was rigged for Hillary. Obama left the Democratic Party broke and the Clintons refilled the coffers. And don’t forget the 900 FBI files that were handed over when Bubba was President. My bet is there was something in Biden’s file Hillary could use against him.

  3. Biden is the quintessential swamp rat, having served in Washington, almost continuously, since January of 1973.

    Put another way, prior to his departure from the Vice Presidency in 2017, anyone younger than age 44 had never known a world without Joe Biden in Washington.

    We need another Beltway lifer in charge, the way a submarine needs a screen door–and for similar reasons.

  4. Biden is a distraction. This is a courtesy run allowed to him just as Hillary was allowed to take “her turn.”

    He will bow out – or maybe even become someone else’s VP. Stranger things happened. He gets his following together, then takes it as VP to a more radical Presidential candidate.

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